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Free PC writing programs

You probably already know Word, the most used program for writing documents and letters on PC and included in the Office suite. The problem of this suite that Microsoft has made available only for a fee, so in order to take advantage of Word you need to buy a license. Fortunately for, they exist many free PC writing programs.

In this article we will see all the alternatives to Word that you can use online or install on your PC to be able to write documents compatible with Word, without having to spend a euro.

Free PC writing programs for texts or books

TEXTMAKER (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android)

TEXTMAKER (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android)

One of the best and most powerful writing programs for PCs, like Word in the Office package, free for 30 days, with a lot of features illustrated directly on the official website of this software, which is also compatible with the new format Word DOCX.

In addition to managing and creating documents in an Office compatible format, it also allows you to manage other document formats (such as PDF) and also to read electronic books (epub format or similar). So if you are looking for a complete program to replace Word and to manage any type of digital text, TextMaker is for you.

You can download the program in a free trial version from the following link.

DOWNLOAD | TextMaker

LIBREOFFICE WRITER (Windows, Mac, Linux)

LIBREOFFICE WRITER (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Among the alternatives to Word, the best you can try for free without a shadow of a doubt Writer, an integrated program within the free LibreOffice office suite. By installing this program on your PC you can create documents compatible with Office formats (.doc and .docx), read the documents generated with the Office suite while maintaining the style and most of the additional features and in addition you can save or edit the document in format PDF without using other types of programs. In addition to the proprietary formats of Microsoft Libreoffice Writer, it allows you to save documents in free formats (ODT), easily managed both by LibreOffice and (in the latest releases) also by Office itself.

If you intend to try this program as an alternative to Word you can download it for free using the following link. Cross-platform Libreoffice Writer, so you can use it on both Windows and a Mac.

DOWNLOAD | LibreOffice



Apache OpenOffice Writer made famous as the first Office suite for Linux another perfect software for writing texts, developed by the Apache Software Foundation, very similar to LibreOffice Writer which inherits from it various components and with which it shares the same basic code, most of the functionality and similar interface.

Apache OpenOffice Writer has a fair number of models (you can find others online or use those compatible with LibreOffice anyway)

You can download the Apache OpenOffice suite for free from this link:

DOWNLOAD | Apache OpenOffice

ABIWORD (Windows portable version)

ABIWORD (Windows portable version)

AbiWord one of the fastest and lightest alternatives to Word that you can install on your PC. Suitable for both new PCs and PCs with a few years on their shoulders, this program allows you to create and read documents in Office formats (.doc and .docx), so as to always have a compatible program on your computer in order to correctly manage documents office. The features offered are very basic, but for home use they are more than good.

If you want to use this program as an alternative to Word you can download it for free from the following link. The Windows-compatible app can be downloaded in a portable version, that is, bootable without having to install anything on the PC.



free pc writing programs

If you really can not do without the Office package, you can use a free version of the famous writing program orWord Online.As always one of the best programs for the office with which to create new documents, which you can save in the cloud space offered by OneDrive or in Dropbox.The functions are many, almost like in the normal version with everything you need to write immediately without installing any program on your PC.

Find Word Online at the link below. authentication required with a Microsoft or Skype account, if you don't have an account you can create it in a few minutes.

LINK | Word Online

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Alternative writing programs

After seeing the main alternatives to Word that you can test on your PC with Windows installed, I have collected all the other similar programs in a convenient list, so you can try them all and get the program you want, in particular if the 3 programs reviewed above do not they convinced you to the end.

Alternatives to Word online without installing programs

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Where to buy Office Word on a budget

Word Office, as you well know for a fee and knowing that there are free online alternatives, it often happens not to evaluate even for a second the purchase, thinking that the price is high.

Instead, you won't believe it, but the license costs about 10 euros and includes the whole OFFICE package, where you will find in addition to Word, also Excel, Powerpoint, Onenote and Outlook.

You can buy it directly and conveniently on Amazon from this link below: