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File manager: the best apps for Android

File management

Have you saved the last video shared on WhatsApp in the internal memory but cannot find it? Did you download an attachment from an email but don't know where it is located? In this guide I will show you how to find anything thanks to file management app available on Android devices. The reported apps are all free, so you can benefit from a file manager without having to pay a euro.

File management: the best apps

So far, the most used file management app on Android was ES File Explorer, but after the exclusion of this app from the Play Store for security reasons, a vulnerability has been highlighted which risks compromising users' privacy and data. Precisely for this reason it is even more necessary to find a valid alternative that is equally simple and effective as the ES Explorer status. Here are some apps that can replace this manager.

File manager

File management

The app that I appreciated most for file management in these months of use, given the total absence of advertising (at least for now) and all the most useful functions at a tap. You can access the internal memory or the microSD with great ease, plus all the files present are divided by category (music, video, images, APK, documents etc.) so you always have everything under control. The Downloads folder is very useful for viewing the latest downloaded files, as well as the cloud functions (for associating Google Drive, Dropbox etc.), the Remote functions (for accessing a NAS or a home server remotely) and the innovative Access from PC functionality, which allows you to view the files contained in the Android device from the PC via WiFi network.

You can download this app for free from the following link.

DOWNLOAD |File manager

Total Commander – file manager

File management

Of all the file managers tested, this is certainly the most "geek", given the simplified graphics and the myriad of extensions that can be installed to expand their functionality. Properly configured, it allows you to access any folder on the device (even with root permissions), but you can use it to access files on an FTP server, in a cloud service, on a disk or NAS on the local network and in any other position. With the right extension you can also use it to transfer files between devices or between Android and PC.

To download this app for free, just use the following link.

DOWNLOAD | Total Commander

Amaze File Manager

Amaze File Manager

The Amazedi appAndroid file management completely free and open source. The well-designed and very simple to use app. After installing it you can view files and folders on your smartphone in list or grid mode and you can also perform simple operations such as copy and paste, compression and extraction from zip files, moving or deleting.

On the screen you will see on the left a navigation menu with different options, for example to view your images, videos, audio files and apk files. Other functions like sharing SMB files (Windows), root explorer, an app manager to backup or uninstall apps. Lapp completely free of in-app advertising or purchases.

DOWNLOAD | Amaze File Manager

ASTRO file management

ASTRO file management

Astro File Explorer an ad-free and also completely free app. It seems to be an excellent project, very flexible in the ways of displaying files, both as thumbnails and in file details.

The complete Astro app in basic functions such as copying, moving and deleting files, but also compressing your files in Zip and RAR formats. You can also back up individual files to an external archive or the cloud and you can sort the files according to different types of variables.

DOWNLOAD | Astro File Explorer

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