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Emi ‘€ œthe world of cell phones copy from Apple’ €

Emi 'the world of cell phones copy from Apple' | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

The world of telephony, if it wants to be successful when it comes to digital content, must do one thing: copy from Apple. The opinion of Emi CEO Eric Nicoli, a decidedly prominent figure when it comes to music and digital content.

Nicoli had the opportunity to talk about Apple's approach to digital media during one of the many keynotes that are being held these days at Orlando's Ctia, the most important review of wireless and cellular telephony in the United States. 'There are many things we need to do,' said Nicoli, 'if we want to reach the next level in the mobile music market. The first put our customers first. Apple is the example to follow. They do the things people want, they look for the simplicity and ease of use represented by iPods and iTunes. Apple doesn't do magic or witchcraft to get this result, they just listen to what people want and this doesn't have to be Apple's privilege "

According to the CEO of Emi there are some simple elements to keep in mind: 'Making products that people want to use, with the right relationship between price and performance and that have an intrinsic value'. As an example Nicoli brought iPhone.

The CEO of the record company, which is perhaps the most progressive of the four main majors. He said he was convinced that the world of wireless has a huge opportunity in his hands, but the system must work together to be able to exploit it.

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