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Elton John lands on iTunes

Elton John lands on iTunes | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Elton John lands on the iTunes Music Store. The announcement of the arrival of what remains one of the most significant pop musicians of the past thirty years was announced yesterday.

Elton John's music, in all over thirty albums and over 400 songs, will be on sale on Apple's digital music store starting Monday, March 26, the day after his 60th birthday and a big event with guests. For forty days (until April 30) all the songs will be available exclusively on iTunes before moving on to other competing digital music stores.

'For some time,' said the English singer, 'I wanted to bring my music digitally, but I was convinced that my whole work deserved attention and was released in this form. Now that we got there, I'm happy for my fans. The world has certainly changed since Philips released my first vinyl record, 39 years ago

In addition to the songs Elton John will also release the video clips in digital format. A new compilation entitled 'Rocket Man' will also be presented on March 29th.

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