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Electric mountain bikes, useful info and where to buy them

In the mountain bike sector, the electric versions are becoming increasingly popular, that is, those models that have an electric motor and a rechargeable battery capable of "helping" the cyclist on mountain routes with very steep uphill gradients, so as to make the way much easier to do.

If you don't know much about electric mountain bikes, in this guide I will show you all the features that must be taken into consideration when buying an electric mountain bike, to be homologated and safe during use; at the end of the article you will also find some good tips to buy oneelectric mountain bike.

electric mountain bike

Electric mountain bike features

An electric mountain bike must have the following requirements in order to be classified as such:

  • Wheel size: electric mountain bikes use the same sizes as classic mountain bikes, so you can choose between 26, 27.5 and 29 (inches).
  • Shock absorbers: you can aim front electric mountain bikes, that is with shock absorber in the front fork, or full, with also the rear suspension fork. Having shock absorbers facilitates the path on dirt paths or with many holes, reducing stress on the frame.
  • Electric motor: constitutes the beating heart. Avoid models with hub motors but focus only on central motors that act directly on the transmission, better if inserted inside the frame. Variable power but make sure it does not exceed i250W with pedal assistance up to 25 km / h; if you exceed these limits the vehicle is no longer a bicycle but a moped and must be homologated as such (for the Highway Code).
  • Pedaling sensor: another very important important component, where on the simpler models it simply measures whether you are pedaling or not, while on the more performing models it acts as a torque meter and capable of understanding (by the effort applied to the pedals) the intensity of the pedal stroke and therefore to calculate the force to be applied to the engine to "help" the cyclist. If possible, always aim on models with torque sensors or otorque sensor.
  • Battery: the electricity for the mountain bike engine stored in a battery, usually present in the same recess as the engine. This battery in most cases lithium-ion and allows to obtain a good autonomy (at least 1000 meters in altitude). This rechargeable battery at the power outlet, I recommend avoiding models equipped with self-recharging (the energy that can be obtained from pedaling too little to be used properly, in fact, risks ruining the battery).
  • Accessories: the on-board computer (which offers information on the engine, the applied force and other useful data such as distance traveled, instantaneous speed, average speed etc.) stands out among the accessories on an electric mountain bike and the buttons needed to activate the electric motor ; make sure that they are easily accessible without having to lift your hands from the handlebar (with buttons that can be activated with your thumbs).

Where to buy electric mountain bikes

After seeing some of the features that electric mountain bikes must have, you can see a great variety of interesting models on the site, available below.

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<p>Here you can find a large number of electric mountain bikes of all types, with a valid evaluation system to the left of the site to choose the ideal bike based on your height (enter your height and you will have the right frame size for you), a system to choose the brand, engine, fork and wheel size.</p>
<p>For each bike you can choose the color and other customizations. The site ships the bikes by courier (BRT, UPS and Cargoline) and supports all the main methods of payment by credit card and prepaid, including PayPal.</p>