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Does Apple Sell Titanium Under Cost?

Does Apple Sell Titanium Under Cost? | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple would have made such efforts in terms of equipment and wasted so much in precious materials to lose out instead of earning on the new PB of the Titanium series. The surprising opinion of some analysts whose statements are reported today by C / Net. "It is simply impossible to produce a laptop like Titanium and make a profit – says Ken Dulaney of Gartner -; they used an entirely Titanium case. It is an unprecedented waste. And such a large display has never been seen on a car at this price. It is certainly a product on which Apple loses money. " For what reason Apple would have decided to release a computer on which not only does it not gain but also loses us, Dulaney explains it to us. ?They are trying not to lose market share and if possible to gain from it. They are afraid to see creatives and advertisers go away. ?Even other experts in the sector, while not believing that Apple works at a loss, agree on the extremely low price compared to the intrinsic value of the machine. Among these is Matt Sargent of Ars. ?With the release of the new PowerBook – says Sargent – Apple has definitely taken a different approach from the market. They produced good machines, but if compared with those available in the PC world, they did not have the right price-performance ratio. Now the Titanium at $ 2600 is the cheapest machine among those that have a 15 'monitor. "" I don't know if they lose money – says Tin Scannel of Mobile Insight – but if the low pricing policy should also allow them to earn two or three percent in the laptop sector would have been worth it. ?Who writes, while agreeing with those who believe that the price-performance-endowment ratio of Titanium is particularly favorable, does not believe in a loss-making operation. Apple, certainly will not have very high margins, but the use of an old motherboard, an 18-month old processor and an even more seasoned video card, should allow Cupertino to make a profit perhaps not stellar, but certainly without implementing the suicidal policy of selling at a loss. The thesis of those who argue that the target market set by Apple for PB Titanium is that of the sector of professionals and large companies that increasingly offer a benefit to their employees a laptop can be shared. Apple over the last year, also thanks to the success of the iBook, has seen its percentage grow in the field of laptops (in 2000 the percentage of Mac laptops should be close to 5%), "but – according to Scannell – Apple's appeal does not have the same appeal in the professional sector as in the consumer sector ". "The possibility of further growth – says Tin Deal of Technology Business News – lies in the ability of Cupertino's management to snatch notebook users from Dell, Toshiba and Sony and sit them in front of a PowerBook". This possibility could be offered by Titanium ?Nobody has such a large display at such a low weight. This is a truly remarkable system, it will sell very well, ?says Matt Sargent. ?They did an excellent job – says Tim Scanell – they made an interesting machine from the stylistic point of view, but not as transgressive as an iBook. It is clearly seen that the market to which the professionals and large companies target

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