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Cupertino in the dark

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The serious energy supply problems that are affecting California these days are causing annoying delays and work stoppages even at Apple Campus. This is confirmed by the same Cupertino company which has had to repeatedly suspend the operations in progress in the various offices due to the lack of electricity. The supply stops began a few days ago, caused by an unusually harsh winter on the West coast and by the scarcity of rains that dried up the hydroelectric basins in the Californian mountains. Following these events, but also the financial crisis that hit two of the major distribution companies, around 500 Megawatts are missing compared to the request, which causes blackouts of a few tens of minutes for very large sections of the population. . Some companies affected by the lack of energy can lose tens of billions of turnover every hour due to the inability to carry out their operations. This is the case of some Internet sites dedicated to online commerce. The area most affected by the lack of energy is the one between San Francisco and San Jos, in the center of which is Cupertino itself. The precariousness of the situation was also highlighted during the tax report at the beginning of which Apple announced that in the event of a sudden blackout the conference would continue using cell phones. At the moment there is no idea when supplies will return to normal. The Californian authorities hope for a milder climate and rains and snowfalls that can replenish water supplies. Otherwise, the lack of energy will continue for a long time with rather serious consequences for the state economy

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