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Connect bluetooth mobile phone in car: complete guide

Connect bluetooth cell phone in car

Do you use your smartphone so much that you want to take advantage of your favorite apps even when you travel? To drive safely and at the same time do everything you want to your smartphone, there are various methods, all with strengths and weaknesses. Find out in this guide how to connect bluetooth mobile phone in car to hear music, to recharge the battery and to receive calls. But you will also find solutions to connect your smartphone to the car via cables. In my opinion, the most effective solution is to be able to connect the mobile phone to the car speakers to listen to music.

Connect bluetooth cell phone in car

WARNING: hold the smartphone in your hands and use it while driving dangerous, as well as illegal. The accident risks are high and in the case of checks, the immediate withdrawal of the license can be triggered. Use one of the following methods to answer calls safely.

Connect your smartphone in your car via Bluetooth

The most convenient method to use mobile devices when traveling is to connect the bluetooth mobile phone in the car so as not to have uncomfortable wires near the dashboard or the central console. Many modern cars integrate Bluetooth into the Smart features included in the chosen equipment, so I recommend checking the instruction booklet or the car release documents immediately to find out if Bluetooth is included as standard.

Bluetooth as standard

Bluetooth as standard

If the car has Bluetooth as standard you can usually find the specific Bluetooth symbol on a button on the console or on the car radio display.

As mentioned above, I recommend you read the car user manual to understand how to connect your smartphone to the system.

If your car is not equipped with Bluetooth, don't worry: there are devices on the market that can guarantee you wireless connectivity in a few simple steps. Once configured you can take advantage of the speakers and the car radio of your car!

Bluetooth transmitter on cigarette lighter

If you want to take advantage of the car's cigarette lighter door, I recommend you buy the device TeckNet, available on Amazon at the link below.


connect smartphone in car 2

This device uses FM transmission (those of classic radios) to create a connection between "new" (smartphone) and "old" (any car radio from 1980 onwards). Just connect it to the cigarette lighter (don't worry, it won't burn because the cigarette lighter is an electric door), pair Bluetooth with your smartphone and place yourself on a free FM frequency; once the transmitter is configured, turn on your car radio and tune in to the same FM frequency you have set (clearly visible on the front display of the transmitter). Now you can hear music in high quality and answer calls using the car speakers. I recommend using high FM frequencies (possibly unassigned), otherwise you may hear interference from local or national FM broadcasters.

This device also boasts a 5W / 2.1A USB charging port, great for charging any recent iPhone or Android device.

Note: anyone along the way will tune in to the FM frequency you have chosen will be able to hear your music and your calls (within a radius of 10 meters), choose the frequency to use!

If you want to see other Bluetooth FM transmitters operating via cigarette lighter you can take a look at the following models:

Bluetooth transmitter on AUX port

Bluetooth transmitter on AUX port

If you don't have a cigarette lighter in your car (on many modern cars gone or an option) you can take advantage of the AUX port to provide Bluetooth connectivity. These devices send audio through a 3.5mm jack, obviously to be connected to the AUX port of the car or car radio.

Once connected to the AUX port you can connect your smartphones via Bluetooth and take advantage of the benefits of this technology: answer calls while driving and listen to music from your favorite apps or from the internal memory of the device.

Among all the products to connect the smartphone in the car via AUX I recommend the device TaoTronics, which can be purchased from the link below.

connect your smartphone in your car 4


It has an internal battery with an autonomy of 15 hours (rechargeable via USB), allows you to connect two Bluetooth devices at a time and offers a microphone to be able to answer calls without approaching the phone, as well as convenient iPod-style controls.

If you are looking for other similar devices to connect your smartphone in the car, here is a list of the best products:

Connect mobile phone in car with USB cable

Connect mobile phone in the car

If you fear that Bluetooth technology will drain your smartphone battery too quickly you can still use the dear and good old man USB cable to connect the smartphone in the car.

If the car has a USB port, you can use it primarily for charge the battery of your smartphone and, if the car software allows, to make phone calls and listen to the music saved in the internal memory of the smartphone. As I have already recommended for Bluetooth connections, read the instruction manual of the car to understand what you can do with the USB port.

If you need a cable to be dedicated only to the car, you can purchase the following classic USB cable for all Android devices.

connect smartphone in car 6


Do you have a new Android smartphone with USB Type-C connector? Here is the right cable to use.

USB Type-C connector


If you have an iPhone, you can purchase the following USB cable with a specific Lightning connector.

USB cable with Lightning connector


Connect car radio AUX cable

Connect car radio AUX cable

The last method to connect the smartphone in the car via the AUX input, so that you can hear the music and the audio of the calls on the car speakers.

For this purpose you will use a cable with double 3.5mm jack from both ends; one jack will connect it to the headphone output of your smartphone, the other jack to the AUX input. Once connected, it may be necessary to configure the sound source on the car radio or console; read the instruction manual to understand how to change the source.

For the connection I recommend you to buy a quality AUX cable, like the one shown below.

AUX cable


The golden connectors and the thick cable with nylon weave will ensure durability and listening quality. You can choose various lengths: 1 or 2 meters, depending on the space available in the passenger compartment.

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