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CarPlay iOS 13: new functions and improvements in the apps

CarPlay iOS 13

Apple has updated CarPlay in iOS 12 with support for third-party navigation apps, including Google Maps and Waze, allowing drivers to use them as an alternative to Apple Maps. Now CarPlay will have an even more relevant update in iOS 13, with the introduction of Dashboards, new apps and updates to existing apps. Let's find out all the news of CarPlay iOS 13 with all the new functions and features.

CarPlay iOS 13: new design and new functions

CarPlay iOS 13 has made several changes to the design that make the information system more similar to the iPhone X and later versions. For example, the virtual Home button has been replaced with two icons that show the launch of the app or the new Dashboard function. The icon is in the same position (bottom left or right depending on where you are driving) and works the same way with long presses invoking Siri, but the virtual home button inspired by the pre-iPhone X era has been eliminated.

The status bar has reorganized the time, network status and recent apps to emphasize switching between apps without the Home screen. CarPlay also has rounded corners like modern iPhones and iPads and each integrated CarPlay app has an updated design as part of iOS 13.


So what is the Dashboard? CarPlay Dashboard is the largest update of the CarPlay Home screen since it was launched. While we've seen the ability to rearrange apps and hide selected apps added over the years, CarPlay in iOS 13 adds an additional Home screen to the left of the existing icon grid that presents a dynamic cluster of information in a grid.

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<p>The left half of the Dashboard shows your location on a map, the current navigation or an overview of the route. The right half of the Dashboard is even more dynamic and provides quick access to upcoming calendar events which may include addresses, route suggestions including home, playback controls for audio apps and Siri suggestions including HomeKit actions such as opening the garage when you get home .</p>
<figure class=Carplay ios 13 Dashboard

The dashboard looks better in widescreen displays, but the new functionality is also perfectly seen on standard screens that work with CarPlay, wired or wireless, depending on the receiver. The new setting provides a lot of content on a single screen, without having to switch from one application to another.

New apps and modes

CarPlay in iOS 13 also introduces two new integrated apps: Settings is Calendar.

The new app Calendar for CarPlay shows you the current date from the icon just like on the iPhone, you can also quickly see your current and future appointments. You can also click on an appointment to view more details and even start the Maps app to navigate to an address saved by an event.

Apple Maps already intelligently addresses the addresses of upcoming appointments with the indication of locations, and the new app Calendar expands with more information and more control, including the ability to easily initiate a phone call to a meeting if the phone number associated with an event.

New apps

The new app Settings includes three sections: Do not disturb while driving, Appearance is Dashboard tips.

Do not disturb while driving limit incoming calls while driving and you can optionally answer with an automatic message indicating to the sender that you are driving with Do not disturb enabled. Until now this function has been enabled manually when connected to the car's Bluetooth or when driving was detected; starting from iOS 13, this function can be enabled automatically even if connected to CarPlay.

The function can be activated or deactivated from the app Settings on CarPlay. also can change the auto answer feature on Nobody, Favorites, Recent or All.

The new ones Dashboard tips allow you to disable Siri suggestions in the new Dashboard feature, limiting the new screen to fewer options.

Dashboard tips

While iOS 13 introduces a new theme for the first time Dark Mode, CarPlay in iOS 13 gets its first theme Light Mode as a new option. You can keep CarPlay in Dark mode all the time or, optionally, automatically switch from light to dark mode. Night light cannot be performed, although the new option is intended to improve readability in bright environments and may be a distraction in dark environments.


Siri drives much of the CarPlay experience and there are some substantial changes to Siri's behavior on CarPlay in iOS 13. When starting Siri, it now hinders the view less when invoked, replacing a full-screen prompt with a transparent layer behind the Siri waveform that appears below.

siri in carplay ios 13

Siri can also be invoked with the phrase ?Hey Siri"Using the car's microphone on supported cars, but the technical requirements of the cars for the implementation of this function may take some time.

There is also a new way to interact with Messages using Siri. Clicking Phone is Messages no longer invoke Siri before showing you the apps.

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<h3><span class=Music

Apple Music has undergone a refresh in CarPlay with iOS 13 which emphasizes album covers and listening playlists much better.

music in carplay ios 13

The app Now Playing of CarPlay also has a new blue icon, which differs from the original version based on the classic red-orange Music icon.

Now Playing


Apple Maps on CarPlay on iOS 13 been updated with improved details for driving, especially when you have to take a lane or before intersections, improvements to route planning and the new ability to easily share the estimated arrival time with updates during navigation.

carplay maps

You can also search for nearby locations along your route.

functions in carplay maps

Other features of CarPlay iOS 13

CarPlay in iOS 13 also includes further changes and new features that may occur in new cars in the future, but we will have to wait and see which car manufacturers actually adopt them. Apple has long anticipated automakers in the development of new features that improve the integration of CarPlay with cars.

Apple also claims that Siri will be able to control multiple apps when iOS 13 launches in the fall, including Waze and Pandora, bringing third-party navigation and entertainment apps to the same functionality as the platform with Apple's built-in apps.

carplay ios 13

One of the most interesting changes made to CarPlay in iOS 13 is the display of independent apps, a feature that solves a classic problem with CarPlay. Before iOS 13, CarPlay reflected the app that was active on your iPhone. If the app on your iPhone was not a CarPlay compatible app, CarPlay simply displayed the Home screen.

Now on iOS 13, CarPlay displays apps independently from iPhone. This solves the classic problem of a driver that relies only on Maps for navigation while a passenger uses the iPhone for something else, especially if you are allowing your passenger to recharge their iPhone while using navigation. And if you are the driver, you can rely entirely on CarPlay and leave your iPhone screen off or on the CarPlay screen.