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Apple will be a year of news

Apple, it will be a new year Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Anyone who waited for the tax results conference last night to get some indication of the future of the platform may have closed his disappointed Internet connection, as Fred Anderson cleverly sidestepped any questions he sought to meet with journalists and analysts to have some more information in this regard than that provided during the report. In addition to that Fred Anderson was only to present the tax report; Steve Jobs, on the contrary of last October, did not show up, but in reality, if you carefully read the Apple documentation and the press releases provided to journalists there are ample indications of a very intense activity by the Cupertino company. Anderson has guaranteed that there will be numerous new products between now and the end of the year, above all he said clearly that there will be significant news before the end of the fiscal quarter. Now given that the fiscal quarter ends at the end of March and that Apple normally uses the big events to launch new products and that a big event, the MacWorld in Tokyo, scheduled for February 22nd, it seems almost natural to read Anderson's statement as the confirmation that Cupertino intends to use the review of the rising sun to present a new machine. In this regard, there are few doubts that it may be the new series of iMacs that we have already talked about in recent weeks and also recently. to elaborate forecasts, later Macity will also deal with the topic trying to understand what the configurations of the new iMac could be. Here we simply countersign the theses of those who believe that these are the new short-term products mentioned by Anderson. The head of financial operations then also mentioned "a series of new products throughout the year" , without letting out what he was talking about, but easy to think, scrolling the Apple range, that the calendar there will be an update of the iBooks and Cubes in the medium term and then later, probably around July, an upgrading of the G4 series released in San Francisco, the general impression, in short, that the immobility of Apple, essentially due to the stop imposed by Motorola on the development of new processors, is a thing of the past. Many of the technologies that Apple has focused on in the past weeks, we mention DVD recording, 3D video acceleration, digital video, are maturing and will reach a turning point with lower prices and greater diffusion before long. A recovery that will start closely and will reach its climax probably before the end of the year with the range of products for Christmas whose sales season should mark the new turning point for Apple.

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