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Apple News, sponsored content coming soon

They will have the same graphics as the news, but they will be sponsored posts: the new native banners of the news app


New advertising formats for Apple News for iPhone and iPad. These are native advertisements that will appear in the news feed, as the company explained in a document dedicated to the developers. It's about native bannerswhich will appear in the news and, moreover, will have the same type of font. To differentiate them will be a small tag below with writing Sponsored by, but the intent is clearly to make sure that they blend in with the surrounding environment. The company may choose to appear or not with the name, but the word "sponsored" will still remain.

On the one hand, informs Business Insider, the new format is another way to allow publishers to monetize their content on the platform, on the other hand it could be a response to the new guidelines of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that impose on those who advertise to clearly mark the content as sponsored.


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