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AAPL: the light at the end of the tunnel?

AAPL: the light at the end of the tunnel? | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

It took investors two days to evaluate the San Francisco announcements and return to buy the Apple stock, but when they did, they did it great. AAPL shares, in fact, were among the protagonists of the list yesterday technology, making a leap of more than 8% at the close of trading. The value of the share prices, therefore, stood at $ 18 $ 4 above the lows of the end of December when it had touched the $ 14. Analysts agree that we are not yet facing a turnaround and that we should not wait for a mass return of purchases on AAPL. The technology market is still very fragile even if three consecutive sessions on the upside of Nasdaq have not been seen since Labor Day. Much remains to be done to convince large funds and institutional investors to go back to buying hi-tech stocks en masse. therefore also Apple. Despite this, however, it seems to be now common opinion that the worst for Cupertino could have passed. We are not yet to the rescue, but we are at the beginning of a new cycle that must be verified in its relapses but which signals the willingness to react. This is why some of those who move large amounts of money on Wall Street have prudently begun to readjust their positions on AAPL. Trading volumes (more than 14 million pieces changed hands) prove this at levels that have not been seen for long, the next significant date for the short-term market. Tax results for the quarter will be released on the 17th of this month (next Wednesday). Apple has already made it known that they will not be good, indeed that for the first time in three years now, budget losses will be ascribed. If Fred Anderson, however, succeeds in limiting the damage and give a few nods of reaction, the list, which is already discounting the red of 250 million dollars, could benefit and the climb will resume although no one must expect spectacular comebacks, at least for Now.

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