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Work, custom apps are always more convenient

They increase productivity and make the smartphone useful even for those who are not used to using it for work. And develop an ever easier one

(Photo: Corbis)(Photo: Corbis)

In recent years, the arrival of smartphones has allowed the most enterprising users to always take their work with them, distributing it in dead times and thus increasing their efficiency. Over time, smart working is catching on between independent workers and sufficiently advanced business realities, but the next tool to spread the use of smartphones in small and large organizations at a widespread level could be custom appsdeveloped for the exclusive use of a company and its employees to make their work more agile: one that highlights a report by the Apple FileMaker subsidiary according to which, among the companies that have developed an ad hoc mobile software for their activities, 74% benefited from it concrete.

(Photo: FileMaker)(Source: FileMaker)

A personalized app simplifies the use of the smartphone as a work tool: on the one hand, according to 81% of FileMaker respondents, it minimizes inefficiencies; on the other, thanks to an intuitive and no-frills interface, it also allows less smart users to take advantage of touchscreens and remote connections. It can also be exploited in many ways: for manage inventories and customers, keeping track of orders and projects, planning collective agendas and individual commitments. The only limit lies in the creativity of the clients.

(Photo: FileMaker)(Source: FileMaker)

They are also tools whose development times tend to become shorter. The timing varies depending on the complexity of the app created and the size of the team in charge of the creation, and if on the one hand it is true that in the sample questioned by FileMaker a fifth of the companies were able to get their hands on his app after more than a year, an equivalent percentage he didn't have to wait even a month. In more than half of the cases examined, less than three were enough for me.

(Photo: FileMaker)(Source: FileMaker)

Finally, also with regard to the identity of the developers, there are varieties and surprises: only 18% of the sample interviewed entrusted the task to an external reality, while all the others they turned to internal figures of the company, whether it be the profession of adequately qualified team members. A sign that the skills necessary to create an efficient app are now available to many and do not include too advanced programming skills.


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