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UR Launcher changes your Android based on the context

The French startup Adaptive Bee proposes an easy-to-use launcher, with a couple of smart additions that do not complicate the use of the phone

Eyes open, Android users: there is a new launcher in town. Changing the startup screen on your smartphone is not difficult, yet UR Launcher, proposed by the French startup Adaptive Bee, represents an intelligent and easy-to-use alternative to all the apps of this type that lie on the Play Store. Available for a few hours in a definitive version, the software is based on a highly customizable side panel, which changes according to the moment of the day and the activities undertaken showing different apps.

That of the interchangeable profiles (which in UR Launcher are called mood) not a completely original approach, but the French app manages to combine it with theclean and familiar interface of the normal Android launcher, which for once does not come upset by the restyling.

(Photo: Lorenzo Longhitano)In the first two screens, the moods to be configured are chosen; in the third, the app's internal search engine

Moods can be activated at will or automated when certain conditions occur: on the weekend evenings, the search apps for the best nighttime pastimes and streaming music can be featured; during the week and in the workplace, the background can become sober, and mail and spreadsheets can return to occupy their front row seats. Is the phone connected to the car radio? UR Launcher turns into a guide console highlighting maps, music playback and phone.

All while the main screen of the launcher, with its widgets and access to the app drawer, does not change by a comma. Only the search bar at the top leaves room for a contextual search box which helps you reach apps and contacts in your phone in just a few taps. Finally, together with the app, an endless series of high quality wallpapers to give a more personal touch to the individual moods, for a final package which, considering the zero price, is definitely worth a look.


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