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TunePro for iPod, alarm clock and "flat screen" dock from Macally

Out of Macally the TunePro, dock speaker with AM / FM radio reception functions and alarm alarm. So far, nothing new, you say. The most relevant aspects of the TunePro certainly lie in the design: as you can see, the practically flat acoustic diffusion panel, a few centimeters thick.

tunepro macally

This perfect silhouette created thanks to the NXT "flat screen" technology, which minimizes the size of the speakers. In addition, the "screen" has an original mirror effect, which is curious especially given the possibility of seeing, through the reflection, the bright VFD display on the right side. Behind the mirror are hidden stereo speakers equipped with Dynamic SRS WOW technology.

For the rest, the characteristics of the TunePro do not differ from those usually found for other docking systems: alarm clock with sleep functions, snooze and buzzer, AM / FM radio and additional audio input. In this case, no remote control.The TunePro compatible with iPod 4G and 5G, iPod mini, iPod Photo and iPod 1G and 2G. Three dock adapters are included in the package.

The price on the Italian market yet to be determined. We will probably know a little more after Cebit in Hannover. Macally's Italian distributors are ADL and Ellessecom.