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The US government: unjustified pressure on iTunes

The US government: unjustified pressure on iTunes | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Too much rhetoric, little attention to the facts. So thinking about the attacks from Europe on the iTunes ecosystem, not an Apple manager or any commentator, but a representative of the Bush government: the undersecretary of commerce delegated to technology Robert Cresanti.

Speaking during a TV broadcast cited by Bloomberg News Cresanti, on the sidelines of the pressures coming from various European consumer associations, he said he was seriously worried about the tactics undertaken against a number of companies, including Apple, on the issues that concern their products and how they market them. ' According to Cresanti, Apple would know very well what he is doing: 'No one better than them knows the value of intellectual property, be it copyrights or patents. There is a lot of rhetoric around these problems. Anyone, even a 12-year-old boy, would be able to explain that iTunes music can be burned to CD and from there brought to any platform you want. I can't explain the level of emphasis placed on this topic. "

The story is part of the statements of Meglena Kuneva, EU Commissioner for Consumers who attacked, only to deny it in the near future, iTunes and Apple's closed ecosystem in the field of digital music.

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