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The first “Made for iPod” complete audio systems arrive from Creative

The parent company of Zen presents the first speaker systems "Made for iPod", taking advantage of the agreement signed months ago with Cupertino. We are talking about the Creative PlayDock i500 and the Creative TravelSound i, currently announced for the Japanese market only.

The two accessories are nothing more than a PlayDock Z500 and a TravelSound ZenV, systems dedicated to the mp3 players branded Creative, with the "Made for iPod" logo applied, in addition to the necessary hardware modifications.

PlayDock i500The PlayDock i500 is a 2.1 system equipped with two 12W speakers and a 24W subwoofer. It has dual power supply, both power supply and battery. The dock positioned on a ledge on the front, in which the Apple player will be inserted. There is a stereo input for the connection of other audio devices, and a video output for interface the system to a TV, taking advantage of the video capabilities of fifth generation iPods.

The dimensions are modest, 36 * 16 * 17cm for 2.4 kg of weight: specifications that promise discreet portability. The docking system includes a remote control, a carrying case, a power supply, the necessary dock adapters, an audio connection cable and a video connection cable.The PlayDock i500 compatible with iPods from the third to the fifth generation, with iPod mini and with iPod nano 1g and 2G.

TravelSound iThe TravelSound i is more transport-oriented, given the small size of the stereo system: 23.5 * 5.5 * 13.5cm for about 755g of weight make it ideal in terms of portability. Specifications completed by 4W audio output.

The presence of a USB port allows a ready interface with the computer, to be able to synchronize the iPod; the latter will be housed in the dock slot, made inside the front chassis of the TravelSound. Also in this case the power supply alternatively possible via the mains or batteries.

Bundled with the TravelSound are a carrying case, power adapter, appropriate dock adapters and two cables: one for audio connection and one for video connection. The TravelSound has in fact an input for connection with other audio systems, and a video output, to connect the product to a TV if you have an iPod video.

Compatibility ensured with iPod 4G and 5G, iPod mini and iPod nano 1G and 2G.

The two products were announced for the end of March, temporarily for the Rising Sun market only, the PlayDock i500 at a price of around 29,800 Yen (around 194 Euros) and the TravelSound at 17,800 Yen (around 115 Euros). they know details about prices and availability for the other commercial areas.