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The chip for the rest of us

The chip for the rest of us Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

It could be called Domino, a chipset for encoding and decoding various digital formats produced by C-Cube, the key to giving the Apple computer range the decisive turn towards digital video. Domino, which integrates a series of functions previously carried out by different processors, will allow the production of multimedia devices capable of reading and recording DVDs and CDs, processing video and audio files and compressing images in MPEG 2 format. Functions that could also be managed directly from the computer motherboard if this were to be equipped with the Domino chipset. It would not be necessary to resort to additional cards or to have ultra-powerful processors to have at home a station capable of producing and creating digital videos. That this may be the suitable solution for Apple computers appears evident when considering the recent history of Cupertino and Jobs' statements. For some time now Apple has definitely taken the digital video route with products such as iMovie, a path that will be even clearer when after the Expo we will probably have machines with CD-RW and a software capable of encoding in MPEG format- 2. The bottleneck for coding and burning will remain, for which dedicated cards and additional hardware are still required, which means high costs and the inability to offer consumer solutions for video editing from the assembly phase to that of burning. C-Cube, which knows the world of video for its more than ten years of activity in this sector (many manufacturers such as manufacturers like Matrox use C-Cube) promises to wipe out this funnel thanks to the integration of multiple functions in a single chip necessary for this process. "Domino – explains Patrik Henry of C-Cube – can handle nine different formats, including MPEG. Thanks to Domino DVD burners could drop below $ 500 ", and burning to DVD is one of the keys to Apple's future strategy, as we have repeated several times in the past few days." Established that Domino could be the Jolly expected by Apple remains to be seen when and if Apple will use the C-Cube chips. The first aspect, which is directly linked to the availability of the architecture, is clarified by the manufacturers: "Domino-based devices – Henry told C / Net – will be announced over the next 12 months". No one can answer the second question right now. We can only say that the relationship between C-Cube and the Mac world is long-standing. In addition to Matrox, C-Cube also uses recent cards such as the Digital Media Press of Wired Inc. which will soon be reviewed by MacProf. In addition to this last spring, in the context of the NAB, the authoritative CBS MarketWatch had spread, as reported by Macity at the time, the news that Cupertino had reached an unspecified agreement with C-Cube for the supply of chips for the video encoding and decoding. The news was based on some rumors and clues that came from the C-Cube itself. The times predicted then, it was thought in a release at the end of the summer of an Apple machine equipped with the processors of the Milpitas company, did not materialize perhaps because of the difficulties that Apple was having in updating its machines, perhaps due to delays due to same C-Cube, perhaps for the not yet ripe times. Now for the time could have come for an agreement that would give a really substantial boost to the Mac market.

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