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Telegram has 100 million active users

Telegram grows at a speed of 350 thousand new users per day: the CEO Pavel Durov announced it at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

Cb42ZtKWAAEj-aM.jpg_largePavel Durov, CEO of Telegram, at the Mobile World Congress (Photo: Philip Di Salvo)

BarcelonaTelegram, the messaging app with privacy at the center, has announced that it has 100 million active users around the world who use its services every day. This was communicated by the CEO and founder Pavel Durov, speaking to a panel of the Mobile World Congress of Barcelona.

The figure is interesting especially if you look at last year when, in May, Telegram had made it known that its active users were 62 million. A remarkable growth, for an application born only three years ago and which has registered an important success also in the wake of Snowden's revelations, thanks to the use of the cryptography end-to-end and greater guarantees for the privacy of its users: "350,000 new members are added every day"Durov said.

In addition, they are sent on Telegram now 15 billion messages every day and Durov did not hide his satisfaction by telling how, for many companies and groups of people, Telegram has become the priority means of communication, due to the ease with which it allows you to communicate in groups both on apps and browsers.

During his speech, Pavel Durov also retraced the history of Telegram, remembering how much the platform has expanded beyond the original app in recent times, thanks to the introduction of additional tools such as audio messages and Channels, a feature of broadcast used by many media and public figures, including Pope Francis.


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