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Programs and Apps for remote computer control

If you have multiple PCs in different points of the house or even in different places in the city (but in theory also in any part of the world!) You can control them remotely from a single location using the remote control programs.

Useful programs to control everything that happens on the computer desktop, with the possibility of intervening by controlling the mouse and keyboard remotely. They can also be used for sharing what is happening on the screen (screen sharing).

Very useful if you often do remote assistance or if you want to collaborate online remotely, located in a physically different place.

The best programs for remote computer access

In this guide I will show you how to use 10 programs for remote control freeso that you don't have to spend a euro to get this valuable feature.

The list sorted by the best ones to download and a detailed description of use of the most popular ones: TeamViewer, SupRemo and Google Remote Desktop.

For each program, it will indicate both the software to be installed on the PC (both on the PC to be controlled and on the PC that acts as a controller) and the apps for mobile devices. app you can remotely control a computer even when you are away from home, from the screen of your smartphone or tablet!

1. TeamViewer

download TeamViewer for Windows for remote pc control

TeamViewer among the best software out there to remotely control a computer. It supports practically any platform (Windows, Apple, Android, Linux etc.) and can be used easily thanks to the simplified configuration procedure. The only requirement is an internet connection and fast enough.

Use it simple: start the program on the PC to be controlled remotely and mark the ID number and password generated in the program interface (image below).

Password and TeamViewer ID

Now go to the PC from which you want to check the computer configured above, open TeamViewer and enter the ID code you obtained a little ago in the partner ID field, make sure the tick is on Remote control and click on "Connection with the interlocutor".

TeamViewer remote access

You will be asked for the password to confirm the identity. Now you can control the desktop of the PC remotely. This system works even if the PCs are present in different networks or in different geographical locations, you just need to always know the login ID and password.

You can automate this procedure on your most frequently used remote computers or to which you provide assistance more frequently, by logging in with a TeamViewer account and associating all the machines. The account password will allow you to access all the associated PCs in a still way more simple, with a simple mouse click.

To add a PC to your "personal network" install TeamViewer, log in with your account and use the button indicated by the arrow in the image below.

PC connected automatically

Once the PC to be checked has been added, make sure that the three items shown below (present in the program interface) are active, so as to obtain automatic access.

Startup items

From now on, it will be sufficient to turn on the PC to control it remotely from another machine or from a smartphone!

You can download TeamViewer, available for any platform (Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS, Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry) from the following link:



From an all-Italian team, a solution capable of replacing TeamViewer in the habits and preferences of many users was born. This is SupRemo, or a very powerful and simple to use cross-platform application that allows remote control of PCs in complete safety.

SupRemo has some features that make it one of the favorite programs of individuals and companies:

  • Complete security, all communication between the clients and the server is encrypted via 256-bit AES.
  • The lightness of the client it weighs only 6 MB and has a very low impact on performance.
  • Its simplicity great simplicity of installation, you don't have to configure the firewall, just launch the executable.
  • The presence of a convenient integrated chat, which also allows quick file transfer.
  • Simplicity of use and efficiencycustomer service in Italian.

SupRemo free for personal use, and offers very cheap plans for business use.

Using remote SupRemo

To start using SupRemo just a few steps:

  • To download, you must connect to this page.
  • When the download is complete, just click on the executable "SupRemo.exe" to launch the program.

As you have noticed SupRemo it does not need any installation, just download the executable and start it. For this reason SupRemo one of the solutions preferred for remote support, to connect to the customer, just click on the executable and provide ID and Password to the person who must provide remote support.

Launched the application on Windows you will find yourself in front of a screen similar to the one you find below. In the left part there are the codes (ID and password) that will allow you to connect to the PC to which to provide remote support and control it, while in the right part there is the section to connect to another PC and control it (always entering its ID and your Password).

Supremo one of the best programs for remote control

At this point just put id and password on the client from which you want to control the PC. The client also available in a mobile version for Android and iOS. You can proceed with the installation directly from the Play Store and from the App Store.

Remote control programs: Supremo for Android

The connection will take place even if the PC and the client from which you decide to control it are not on the same network, just that are both connected to the Internet. To improve performance, you can proceed with the installation of the "Mirror Driver", in the top bar just click on the appropriate item and then on "Install".

supreme remote control mirror driver

If you want to avoid entering Id and Password every time, or you have PCs to which you usually connect, you can proceed in two ways: using the "Offline address book" or by registering (always for free) and using the convenient "Online address book" . If you will use the local directory, the contacts will be available only in our workstation, if you will use the online one, just log in to each client to always have your contacts available and being able to connect quickly.


3. Chrome Remote Desktop (extension)

Programs for remote access

A good alternative to commercial software (but, as mentioned, still free for private use) Chrome Remote Desktop (also called Google Remote Desktop), one of the best apps you can download to remotely control PCs.

Being an extension (add-on) that can be used directly from the web browser, to remotely control computers with this tool you must first install Google Chrome.

After installing the browser, add the Chrome Remote Desktop application using the following link. As soon as the added application opens it on the Chrome Apps screen.Programs for remote access

The rest of the steps change based on your computer. If you need to make a PC available for remote control or remote assistance, open the app and click on "Remote assistance"> "How to start".Programs for remote accessIn the screen that appears, press the "Share" button.Programs for remote accessYou will be asked to install an add-on in the operating system, which is essential for remote access; confirm by clicking on "Accept and install".Programs for remote accessOnce the add-on is installed, the code to control the PC remotely will appear immediately.Programs for remote accessMark this code on your notebook and leave your Chrome browser and PC on.

Open now Chrome Remote Desktop on the PC with which you will control the computer configured above and use the "Login" item.Programs for remote access

You will be asked to enter the code you obtained on the PC configured for remote access.Programs for remote accessEnter the code and click on the "Connection" button to obtain remote access to the PC desktop and to control it remotely using the keyboard and mouse.

Even with this app you can add gods personal computers to check quickly without having to enter a code every time.

Just use the menu: "My Computers"> "How to start ":remote computer access wherever you are

In the window that appears you can add other PCs to be controlled using the "Enable remote connections" item:Programs for remote accessAll personal PCs will be added to your account (for the record, the Google account associated with Chrome is used to save all the settings on the PCs to be controlled remotely).

If you want to use Chrome Remote Desktop from mobile you can use the following links to download the specific app for your device, both smartphone and tablet (perhaps more convenient for control, given the more generous screen sizes):

Download: Chrome Remote Desktop (Free | Android)

Download:Chrome Remote Desktop (Free | iPhone and iPad)

4. Microsoft Remote Desktop

This program dedicated exclusively to users of Microsoft operating system. It makes use of proprietary technology RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol). Although it is an integrated and native feature on Windows, it is not the best solution as it is available exclusively on Windows Professional and later (the most "substantial" versions on sale).

microsoft remote desktop windows mac

Although it is a Windows tool, you can also connect to a PC using a Mac computer. The opposite (unfortunately, not controlling a Mac via Windows). It can be useful for home use, when you use macOS as the main operating system and you want to use a PC program on another Windows computer present in the apartment and which supports Microsoft Remote Desktop.

Download: Microsoft Remote Desktop (Free)

5. AeroAdmin

Other software for remote control and assistance that is very simple to use and which is clearly inspired by the aforementioned TeamViewer (the very similar interface).

Aeroadmin for remote control

No installation is required, so you can potentially pass the .EXE executable directly and follow the instructions on the screen. This makes AeroAdmin one of the best "portable" programs to take with you, maybe inside one USB drive to immediately offer the possibility to access the machine remotely.

Access is via a public IP address or via a numeric code.

The program can also be used to carry out remote monitoring (for example in a corporate network) where employees are aware of being monitored in real time. Another possible use for "parental control" or active control by parents for their child's computer activity.

Download: AeroAdmin (Free)

6. ShowMyPC

Other support software available exclusively on Windows platforms. Allows session recording during remote use. Unfortunately, unlike direct competitors, it does not offer any native client to connect remotely via Mac computer. In any case, a Java version usable from their website.

showmypc site

Another feature that is missing, the ability to transfer files (which is very useful in certain circumstances). Despite this, it is a minimal program that can be safely used in a Windows-based PC ecosystem.

7. AnyDesk

Like AeroAdmin, AnyDesk can also be used as a portable program that does not require installation. Connect to a simple remote machine: just provide the AnyDesk address or an alias to connect to.

cross-platform anydesk for remote assistance

It can be used to access the computer even when there is no person on the other side. Other interesting features concern the clipboard timing (for completely remote copy and paste), recording of work sessions and connection quality control fully configurable by the user.

It is acquiring a great popularity over time because it is available for any desktop and mobile operating system.

Download: AnyDesk (Free)

8. Ammyy Admin

Ammyy Admin, despite its somewhat unhappy name, represents a complete solution regarding the remote management of any computer locally and via the internet.ammyy admin desktop

Like other software in this ranking, bootable without installation (therefore via .EXE also from a USB stick). He owns one VOIP chat integrated to talk with the person requesting assistance from the other party.

It does not require any changes to the firewall or opening of ports on the router and therefore suitable for any user, even inexperienced. Inside, it presents a file manager, both for exchanging files and for performing remote operations concerning the creation, deletion or modification of files and folders.

It is a program in circulation for some time and free for non-commercial use (therefore for personal use). The reason why it is in this position in the ranking due to the fact that, however simple to use, it does not have an interface that can be defined as modern and exclusively available for Windows.

Download: Ammyy Admin (Free)

9. UltraVNC

The first of the programs that use VNC (Virtual Network Computer) with a specific protocol for remote connection. Normally VNC programs are completely platform independent (therefore they work on Linux, Mac, Windows). In the past, when there were no simpler tools, it represented the reference solution; Even today, it allows easy access to remote desktop functionality.ultravnc "width =" 591 "height =" 457 "srcset =" 591w, wp-content / uploads / 2017/11 / ultravnc-300x232.png 300w, 543w "data-lazy-sizes = "(max-width: 591px) 100vw, 591px" /></p>
<p>UltraVNC allows the exchange of files, supports remote chat and requires the installation of the server version on the computer to be controlled. Instead, it is possible to run the client in Java directly on your web browser.</p>
<p>The problem of <strong>VNC solutions</strong>, concerns the passage and configuration of the firewall; these are programs that often require a specific configuration of the ports on the router and are not of immediate use for the user less accustomed to network configurations. In addition to this, the server version has a plethora of options that could be discouraging on first startup.</p>
<p><strong>Download: UltraVNC</strong> (Free)</p>
<h3 id=10. TightVNC

Completely free and cross-platform solution (independent of the operating system). Like UltraVNC, it uses the same type of protocol (for RFB reporting). Basically, it has the same problem as the software mentioned above because it requires specific network configurations to enable remote access on the computer.tightVNC access

Any OS with Java support, has the ability to use TightVNC; for this reason, the app for Android and iOS is also available, in addition to the server versions with installation for Linux, Windows.

Download: TightVNC (Free)