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Placeboard, the app to remind you of the places where you want to go

A good way to find the places you liked and share the wish list with the people you travel with


"Your favorite places, in your pocket". This is the motto of Placeboard, an app that allows you to collect your favorite places on a map, or simply those where you would like to go. All in a single application, without any distraction in the consultation.

In addition to allowing you to save the "likes" to the places you visit, the app allows you to save them virtually (who knows, maybe there is a dear place where you met a person, played the guitar, completed a good interview, etc.).

The app connects your seats directly to their basic information (including phone number), and thanks to the integration with Apple maps, it also allows you to provide the user with information on distance and driving directions.

You can evaluate the places with the stars (from one to five): useful if you decide to share the card of a place with others.

Particularly interesting feature are the shared lists, to which invited users can participate: think of a family trip, or with friends, during which it can be useful to coordinate.

The app data can be exported to iCloud Drive, Dropbox and Google Drive.


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