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Now songs free with Coke + iTunes

Part today officially Coca + iTunes campaign. On 15 February, in fact, the formal date of the shopping street of the initiative presented officially a few days ago and that regaler free songs to all those who purchase packs of 0.5 L of Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Light and Coca-Cola caffeine.

The simple mechanism. Behind the plastic label of each bottle a 12-digit code will be printed by entering the appropriate field as dedicated to it on iTunes you get the right, until June 30, to "collect" the song. The maximum number of songs that can be obtained for free 50. Although it may be superfluous to note it, perhaps it should be remembered that you must have an iTunes account to access the promotion. The total prize pool, we learn the regulation, 298,867.27 euros (+ VAT)

At the same time, the promotion for the initiative appeared on the Coca-Cola Italia website. By clicking on the logo you access a pop up that provides any information about it.

Among the navigation options, besides the inevitable Regulation, the ranking of the most sold on iTunes and a section of the goodies that now empty but that should accommodate future downloads and e-cards.

Obviously there is also room for the promotion of young artists who can upload their songs and submit them to the judgment of Coca-Cola. The best will be included on the Coca-Cola Music website and the most talented ones will be published in compilations and will receive financial support and equipment to help them break through. The highest quality will be invited to a Coca-Cola concert.

The Coca-Cola Podcasts, which contain the selected songs, appear monthly on the iTunes Store.