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NOma, the app to remember mafia victims

From Falcone to Borsellino passing through other heroes of the fight to Cosa Nostra: a multimedia tour of the places of the Palermo attacks narrated by some popular voices of culture and entertainment

noma1Rome Aapplication to tell the stories of those who sacrificed their life in the fight against the mafia. Is called NOmafia urban museum-NOma and a project to preserve the memory of places and people and help merchants from Palermo and surroundings who continue to fight against lace.

Organized in three macro sections (The stories, the project and Pizzo-free) free app for iOS, Android and Windows smartphones and tablets a kind of journey narrated in those existences.

The president presented it today, Friday 5 February, in the Koch room of the Senate Pietro Grasso with Leoluca Orlando, mayor of the Sicilian capital, Pierfrancesco Diliberto in art pif, president of the association On our legs, Marco Patuano, ad by Tim e Maria Pia Admire yourself, director of Rai Teche.

"An important event because memory should never be overlooked. Qhis connection between memory and new technologies provides us greater guarantees on its permanence and its protection. NOma the story of a story made of many dramatic events with modern technologies. To serve citizens and also to buy in shops that do not pay for lace, to support their activities"Said the president of the Senate.

We start with 15 heroes, their loved ones and their stocks: Antonino Agostino, Paolo Borsellino, Rocco Chinnici, Mauro De Mauro, Giovanni Falcone, Mario Francese, Giorgio Boris Giuliano, Libero Grassi, Carmelo Iann, Pio La Torre, Piersanti Mattarella, Beppe Montana, Giuseppe Puglisi, Pietro Scaglione, Cesare Terranova. Subsequently, the stories of Filadelfo Aparo, Ninni Cassar, Gaetano Costa, Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa, Peppino Impastato, Paolo Giaccone and Calogero Zucchetto will also be available.


To tell the story the voice of Pif and of many Sicilian characters from the world of culture and entertainment who decided to help. From Pippo Baudo to Giuseppe Fiorello up to Giuseppe Tornatore, Paolo Briguglia, Leo Gullotta, Luigi Lo Cascio, Donatella Finocchiaro, Ficarra & Picone, Isabella Ragonese or Teresa Mannino. Some of them were present at Palazzo Madama.

Born from an idea of ??the cultural association On our legs, founded by Pif together with Roberta Iann, Emanuela Giuliano and Tiziano Di Cara, author of the app of the app and developed together with Tim under the patronage of the Municipality of Palermo in collaboration with the Teche Rai, Noma together a concrete and spiritual, historical and current guide.

Speaks (also in English) ai citizens, ai tourists, ai Young people and ai students through the city streets, leading the user in places of mafia attacks which have marked our history since the seventies. Each story not only narrated by some popular voices of the show but illustrated with historical documents, digital animations, comics, biographical notes, videos, vintage shots and unpublished interviews with family members. The experience with the app thus ends up being a sort of path in stages that can be consulted directly on the map or in the form of a list.


" It is possible to build physical and virtual paths of knowledge of the mafa and antimafa, virtuous paths of culture and civil economy that become the driving force of economic and social developmentOrlando said. "Our platforms and technologies are not only engineering excellence but also cultural tools which allow the circulation of ideas and knowledge?Echoed Patuano.

"In the eighties we knew everything about Tot Riina and nothing about Rocco Chinnici. It was incredible, we were leaving Palermo and we were ashamed. While waiting to set up a real museum, we thought that it already existed in part: outside, in the streets of the city, they had to be put together through an app ", explained Pif.

The comments of those who participated were very profound: ?A fundamental contribution, very easy to use, and aimed especially at young people – Briguglia said – to make known and continue to remember and always carry these heroes in our hearts, our heroes, the life of the mafia, ppeople who have not looked away and who died to make the society we live in better".

"I have given voice to the story of Father Pino Puglisi – added Pippo Baudo – but we must always remember all the tragic deaths that remain like marks on the skin of our earth".

Teresa Mannino instead touched on a key point of the application: "We often say the name of a street or square and not knowing why they have that name. And they often have the name of modern heroes whose story we tell with this app.

Each story, which weighs a few tens of MB, shows a short biography of the protagonists, their photos and the indication of the narrator. There is also an option to visit the ambush site a 360 degrees (on tablet) and, for some events, a mode in augmented reality accessible with icon Around you with which photos, animations and videos are displayed in superimposition to the images coming from the device's camera.

If you are in Palermo and you are near a stop of the urban museum, the application also sends a notification. The section Pizzo-free finally, it shows the commercial activities that have joined the critical consumption promoted by Addiopizzo, the movement born from the commitment of a group of young people who have chosen to fight the mafia by promoting a virtuous economy system.


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