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Microsoft Office will also be pre-installed on Android Acer

Redmond's off-home offensive continues, making an agreement with the Taiwanese manufacturer: Office will be pre-installed on Android phones

(photo: Maurizio Pesce / Wired)(photo: Maurizio Pesce / Wired)

The boarding of Microsoft to the battleship Android continues unabated: the last big name in the mobile world to yield to the enticements of Redmond officially Acer. The Windows company has in fact announced that on the next Android smartphones and tablets of the Taiwanese manufacturer will be foundOffice productivity suite pre-installed together with the Skype messaging client, the OneDrive cloud service and the Outlook email app, which can replace both Gmail and Google Calendar in one go.

With the Windows operating system struggling more and more on smartphones, Microsoft prefers to fight Google by grabbing users on its own playing fieldi.e. Android. The strategy to offer quality green apps on the platform of the green robot capable of neutralizing the homologous offer of the Mountain View house, but for the plan to work at its best, the group of Satya Nadella must be able to find their apps ready for the products intended to the end user.

The agreement with Acer similar to the others recently entered into with Asus and with other big names: the Redmond house offers the opportunity to freely use its patents, and the manufacturers in exchange host Office, Excel and company on their tablets and smartphones. Finally, users, after trying the free versions of the included software, decide whether to subscribe to the Office 365 subscription necessary to use them without restrictions.


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