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MadiaFork: renewed and more powerful Handbrake for transferring from DVD to iPod and Apple TV

MadiaFork: renewed and more powerful Handbrake for transferring from DVD to iPod and Apple TV | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Do you want to convert your DVDs to AVI format or for playback on iPod or Apple TV or on any media reader that manages Mpeg 4 or H264? MediaFork collects the legacy of the appreciated HandBrake (which in reality is not dead but whose development is stopped in April 2006) adding new conversion capabilities and options that will make happy those who wish to bring their DVDs to the iPod with Video or in perspective, on Apple TV.

Here are the improvements that MediaFork brings to Handbrake (most of them are found only on the Mac OS X version) – Updated the libraries to have higher conversion quality, fewer bugs and faster conversion speed – Support for iPod generation 5.5 (and updated 5 ) with 640 × 480 video – Improved GUI on Mac OS X – Anamorphic coding for aspect ratio between pixels – Better color reproduction in Quicktime – "Physical" DVDs are listed by their name (on Mac OS X) – The name of the final archive based on the name of the DVD – possibility of coding x264 with constant bitrate – possibility of automatic de-interlacing in the preferences – choice of the default language in the preferences

You can download MediaFork from the MacUpdate link since the site that has published it offline for several hours: click here to download the 12.7 MB archive. It is the Mac version. For Windows and Linux versions it will take a few days. We will keep you updated. Below we see the main page …

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and here that of preferences with new options.

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