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MACWORLD Will Apple's new PB be Titanium?

MACWORLD Will Apple's new PB be Titanium? | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

The new Apple laptop could be called Titanium and have a G4 processor. At least this is the most persistent voice that runs among the journalists lined up to access the MacWorld Expo. According to some representatives of the information who claim to have had the mouth of the participants in meetings and a dinner that were held yesterday, they would be confirmed all the forecasts of the past hours. Jobs will present an application for creating music CDs, a laptop and a new G4. The new PB, unlike in the past, would also have a "first name". It would be called Titanium, a choice that suggests a silvery color or perhaps even a chassis built, in fact, in Titanium. No information has been collected on the hardware specifications, the only known detail the processor would actually be a G4 and not a PPC 750CXe as claimed in the past by our site. The new desktop computers would have a top speed of over 700 MHz (the sources on this are conflicting ) and "significant hardware news". To find out if it is just rumors or well-founded rumors it will not be necessary to wait long. In just an hour, Jobs himself will confirm or deny.

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