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MACWORLD: We tried VRPC 4 with Win ME

MACWORLD: We tried VRPC 4 with Win ME | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Nothing more than a short test to check the speed and functionality of the program, we will publish a more in-depth test in the next few days, but the first contact we already offer gives us some ideas to make some considerations. First of all the characteristics of the system: we tested the software on an Mhz PowerBook (email protected), with 128 Mb of Ram and IBM 12 Gb disk. The installation required around 900 Mb of space, including the virtual PC disk, now sizable with much more ease, and about an hour of time. No difficulty for the installation of the Virtual PC, some more problems at the first start for the configuration of Win ME: although the possibility of selecting the Italian language and keyboard, even in the Macintosh version, is given, the WinME installer freezes irretrievably when tries to configure the Italian keyboard. To make the installation go well it will be necessary to select the standard American keyboard and then change the layout from the keyboard control panel inside Win. The system speed is quite good, the Win response is ready, only with more applications in the background we notice some slowdown, most likely due to the poor ram available. Among the applications we also found MovieMaker, an application that in the intentions of Redmond should "make shoes" to our iMovie: for what little we saw the comparison would not hold up even in the eyes of the most hardcore Microsoft fan, but we reserve a test more in-depth to give a more complete guide, not being able to see the FireWire ports directly from VirtualPC we were unable to acquire video from our camera, but we had to work with the files already available.

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