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MACWORLD: the first firewire hard drive

MACWORLD: the first firewire hard drive | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

When we talk about FireWire disks, we are actually referring to ATA disks that are mounted in external cases with on-board ATA / Firewire conversion circuitry, similar when we talk about USB disks. In reality, the mechanics of the hard disks are all the same, then the disk logic that determines the type of interface and standard; to date no one had ever ventured into the construction of a disk whose logic was immediately FireWire or USB, but all have resorted to already existing ATA disks completed by a circuitry not integrated on the disk that was in charge of the conversion.MCE instead, almost hiding it between the harvest of products presented, showed a disk (still a prototype) directly internal FireWire / USB 3.5-inch. We have not been able to know much about the product, being still a prototype there are neither costs nor release dates, let alone obtainable performance, but knowing that someone is working on it could be a stimulus for the big producers to work in this direction. to the prototype, we have seen many unusual features for an internal hard disk: first of all the presence of standard USB and FireWire ports, completely analogous to the external ones, but after all the internal FireWire ports of the G4 are analogous to the external ones, evidently the FireWire standard it does not provide different connectors for internal or external circuitry. Second, far stranger, any power to the disk would be supplied through a coaxial connector and, finally, an on / off switch on the disk. Many elements would suggest an external disk with an unusual look, but the managers of MCE confirm the internal destination of the disk, after all the product case has the standard threads for screwing the disk into the internal slides of the machines. On the other hand, a native FireWire disk could offer even higher performance than at present and at the same time some of the advantages of SCSI in terms of constant transfer rate.

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