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MACWORLD: Still Titanium

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The new laptop does not fail to fascinate for its look and size, but how different are the dimensions of the new machine compared to the old powerbooks of the FireWire series? The direct comparison of the two machines shows how Titanium is much lower and thinner, but also wider, and could not otherwise be given the monitor provided. Despite the significant difference in monitors, however, the greater overall width contained, thanks to the very thin monitor contour, moreover, the different attachment of the monitor to the machine, allows excellent savings in height. It must be said that, to see them next, our powerbooks, normally seen and judged to be beautiful, almost look bad and suddenly seem very old, of two or three generations ago. A little more news on the machine: inside the laptop case, thanks to the new engineering, now the ram slots are immediately accessible both and are positioned one on top of the other under the keyboard in the center, in the same position, but at the upper limit of the case, we find the processor and immediately after a small and silent fan for heat dissipation. On this front we can give some reassurances: although the laptop warms up relatively, the temperatures remain absolutely acceptable.

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