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MACWORLD: MacOs X (and iTunes) immediately in Italian

MACWORLD: MacOs X (and iTunes) immediately in Italian Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

At the time of the release MacOs X will be available immediately in Italian. The good news comes directly from Apple which from its website announces that the new operating system will be released "on March 24, as well as in English, also in Dutch, French, German, Japanese, Spanish and Italian". This means that users of our country will be among the first in the world to be able to use the new OS without waiting for the weeks, or months, that could pass from the presentation date of the first group of languages ??to that of the second. The advantage of having MacOs X immediately intuitive. This is first of all a question of prestige, which places the users of our country on a par with those of the "macintoshizzati" nations; after years of lights and shadows the fact of being considered equal to Germans and French certainly not a little. Secondly, there could also be practical implications, such as offering developers of the Peninsula an operating system in our language to work on. The good news for it doesn't stop there. ITunes, the new software for listening to music on the net, downloading and encoding MP3 files and burning music compilations, will also be available in our language shortly, presumably in February. Here too, the Italian version included in the group of nations to which Apple devotes more attention. MacOs X in Italian in the "first group" and iTunes in Italian are small but still comforting signs of a few steps ahead of our nation in considering Cupertino. Much of the merit due to the moves made in recent times by Apple Italy which has shown that it knows how to work with alacrit by increasing market share and responding to all the requests that came from Cupertino.Chiss that this relaunch does not bring as a gift for a future not too close also a greater consideration by the developers who in Italy still make a great effort to consider the Mac as a platform on which it is worth investing.

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