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MACWORLD: iTunes, the Mac as a juke box

MACWORLD: iTunes, the Mac as a juke box | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Those who clamored for the introduction of a consumer application that would be able to relaunch Apple, often indicated among these products a package for managing the increasingly popular MP3 files. The answer Apple provided with iTunes. The software, built on the foundations of SoundJam as easy to understand by reading the specifications and taking the hints present in the ReadMe, actually does much more than managing, as a juke box, MP3 files. Let's see the main features. Firstly iTunes can import an unlimited number of audio tracks and convert them to MP3. Other products, such as SoundJam itself, do this only in paid versions. The coding is carried out based on the velocity engine and therefore very fast. Once installed, iTunes scans the disc for MP3 files by presenting a list of those available. iTunes can also connect to the Internet to play radio stations on the network, both broadcasting live and presenting a pre-recorded selection of music; iTunes provides streaming playback of what has been transmitted and also allows the download of MP3 files. iTunes' most powerful and interesting function for the ability to organize and burn compilations on CD. When used in conjunction with CD Burner, an application downloadable from Apple sites and provided for free, iTunes burns CDs and CD-RWs easily and intuitively. The only questionable detail is the fact that iTunes can only manage Apple's internal burners for this function and not the widespread external burners.Jobs during the keynote highlighted that in the future other peripherals may be supported using particular plug-ins. Until then iTunes, at least for burning, can only be used by those who own one of the new San Francisco machines. Finally iTunes also connects to some MP3 players by loading and downloading songs. In the night we were able to try iTunes and the general impression. of a product with attention to every aspect, from that of the functions to that of the interface (totally similar to that of MacOs X) to that of the functionalities. iTunes currently available only in English but from February, Apple promises, it will also be released in Italian.

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