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MACWORLD: Formac presents the DV control unit

MACWORLD: Formac presents the DV | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Expected by many parties, announced by others but never presented to the public, finally here now! We are talking about an analog / DV control unit capable of transforming the analog signal of any source into a digital signal ready to be used, recorded and edited by our mac through the FireWire ports.Formac has done things great: in the meantime it has equipped the his control unit of a TV tuner, also operating in PAL standard, then added the possibility of receiving FM radio signals, finally he equipped the product with a battery of s-video and composite video in / out connectors, complete with an RCA jack to manage stereo audio inputs and outputs. To complete the set of ports we find the two inevitable FireWire to which to hook Mac and any digital video camera and two ports for power, input and output to power any external device. The control unit will take care, thanks to the input and output ports , to perform any type of conversion necessary, both from digital to analog and vice versa. Even the support of very wide video formats, managing to work both in 4: 3 and in 16:10, 16: 9 and 2.35: 1.Studio, this is the name of the product, is bundled with the management software. and programs for the publication of videos on the net. In the next few days we will publish a long study of use with the control unit.

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