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MACWORLD: Easy DVDs with iDVD and DVD Studio Pro

MACWORLD: Easy DVDs with iDVD and DVD Studio Pro | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

In addition to iTunes, which we have already talked about this morning, Steve Jobs has also extracted from his top hat the second of the two mysterious (but not too much) applications that have been discussed in recent weeks. It is iDVD, in fact a package that allows you to create DVDs with great ease. Thanks to iDVD Mac users will be able to import images and videos and then burn them on DVDs that loaded on a normal player will be visible to everyone. ?With iDVD simple, easy and fun to create video discs. Becoming directors and producers has never been easier "; In fact, despite not having been able to test the application that works for now only with the G4 733 equipped with "Superdisk", scrolling through the program specifications it seems to be so. iDVD automatically creates DVD buttons and menus, allows you to choose from a rich library of themes, interfaces with other Apple applications, such as iMovie and works according to the concept of drag and drop. The interface, as in the case of iTunes, that of Aqua. iDVD records 4.7 GB DVD which means about an hour of video. Apple also presented DVD Studio Pro, a professional DVD burning application. With a cost of about 2 million DVD Studio Pro allows you to encode movies in MPEG-2 and Dolby Digital, allows up to 99 multilingual video and audio tracks, imports Photoshop files for the creation of menus and burns DVDs on the G4 Supedrive or sends the encoding product to a DLT tape for duplication. DVD Studio Pro, which will be available only in English later this month and is proposed by Apple as an ideal complement to FinalCut Pro.

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