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MACWORLD: Analysts wary of Apple's possibilities

MACWORLD: Analysts cautious about Apple's chances | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

?What if the products presented in San Francisco alone are enough to restore Apple's fortunes? Frankly, the answer is not. " Anne Bui, one of the many analysts present at the Expo, is skeptical. La Bui, one of IDG's many researchers, not alone in her skepticism. With her there are also many other experts in the sector to invite caution and moderate the enthusiasm (not so spectacular, in truth, as in the past) of the fans of the platform. A prudence that starts from the quality of the announcements, considered in part not decisive and in part also contradictory, but above all also by the market conditions. "It seems to me not very coherent – said Anne Bui – the fact that Jobs announced two applications clearly aimed at the consumer market such as iTunes and iDVD and then obliging users to buy a professional machine to use them ". Chris LeToq of the Gartner Group also agrees on this: "In fact Jobs told us that if we want to create a DVD – added Chris LeToq of the Gartner Group – we have to get $ 3800 out of the wallet" "I think Apple was forced to, in a certain sense, to this choice. They said to themselves: now we have to do something and so they chose to go towards this road which was the only one possible at this time. But in the future they will necessarily have to offer the same possibilities also on consumer machines ". The most pressing question right now is precisely that of the possibility of subverting the current trend which marks a steady decline in sales and profits. Can the San Francisco hardware give a boost in this regard? ?I think Apple has done a great job of providing the perception that their machines offer added value. In a time of crisis, this is a smart choice, ?says LeToq. "Although this is not a revolution, the line looks more attractive than before," says Bui. But all this may not be enough, according to Gerard Klauer Mattison's David Bailey. "The ads send a strong message – says the analyst – but to overcome the base of their traditional users and to reverse the course at a time when weak demand is not possible. But that's not because they made bad choices or Apple has a weak line. This is because times are really difficult. "

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