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MACWORLD: an 18 ″ TFT from LaCie

MACWORLD: an 18 ? TFT from LaCie | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

LaCie has established itself in the Apple world primarily for its excellent 19 ? and 22 ? monitors, therefore, when preparing to launch a new product in the monitor sector there is certainly attention to be paid, more so if we are talking about a TFT monitor, A completely new sector for the manufacturer. As expected, the expectations were not in vain: the monitor was an excellent 18 ? TFT in the classic blue and equipped with an eyelid to limit the intrusion of reflected or unwanted light on the monitor. The resolution reached by the screen of 1280 × 1024 pixels at a frequency of 60 hz, while the amplitude of the viewing angle of the TFT panel reaches 160 degrees in all directions. Among the noteworthy features there is the possibility to rotate the monitor, so as to have a greater length vertically to display an A4 sheet entirely, thus becoming a 1024 × 1280 monitor; this possibility is offered only thanks to specific drivers, both for mac and PC, which will allow the video card to manage the anomalous resolution. Excellent monitor quality and the relative color calibration, appropriate price, aligned with competition and quality : $ 2,299. The availability of the monitor will be immediate in the United States, within a very short time at our traditional retailers.

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