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Kensington SX 3000R, flat panel speaker, alarm clock and FM "made for iPod"

In the jungle of iPod dock systems, survival (which in this case equates to success) depends on various choices. There are those who focus on functions, and those on design. Kensington's SX 3000R speakers belong to this second category.

It is a particular docking system especially for the unusual position of the cradle dock, fixed laterally, and for the sound diffusion panel, produced with NXT technology, which allows you to build almost flat speakers.

The remaining features include a remote control to control the system comfortably seated in an armchair, the reception of FM radio frequencies and the ability to switch the sleep and alarm functions of the Apple player to the device.

We remind you that the SX3000R is a "made for iPod" accessory, it works via a mains power supply and is compatible with all iPods that can be used with the Universal Dock. There is also an audio line-in on the back, to connect other sound sources.

The price of the SX3000R will be around 116 Euros.

In Italy Kensington products are distributed by ADL, IngramMicro and Tech Data.