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Jobs' keynote is worth $ 400 million in advertising

Jobs' keynote is worth $ 400 million in advertising Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

400 million dollars, about 300 million euros. This is what an advertising campaign would have cost if its goal had been only to reach the media impact obtained since the launch of the iPhone. , interviewed by Usa Today.

The calculation was carried out taking into account the newspaper headlines, articles and news reports followed by the keynote. 'No product launches,' Yoffie told USA Today, 'has never had such attention at the time of the presentation. This is a fact that has never been seen before.

The effect of the media campaign around the iPhone, according to the Harvard Business School professor, will have rain effects on the entire Apple range. 'People will rush to the stores to see the phone and end up buying iPods too. All of this visibility replaces the costs to be incurred for marketing campaigns and will increase Apple's market share, 'says Yoffie.

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