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iPod shuffle 2G totally waterproofed by SwimMan

iPod shuffle 2G totally waterproofed by SwimMan | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

What you can see in the image is a totally waterproof iPod shuffle 2G. You are surely thinking "But … identical to the original! How can it be waterproof? ". Just in this SwimMan differs from other companies. The Californian company does not offer the usual sealing cover, which isolates but limits the practicality of the controls, making the shuffle more bulky than normal.

SwimMan integrates waterproofness from the inside: by acting internally, through a specially patented technology, SwimMan engineers have managed to make the Apple mp3 player perfectly waterproof, resistant even to dives up to three meters; all of this without modifying the external appearance in the least.

It will be possible to buy the shuffle individually, at a price of 150 Dollars, or bundled with the SwimMan earphones (also totally waterproof) at a total price of 250 dollars.

The package will include all the accessories originally present in the packaging of the iPod shuffle 2G sold by Apple, with the addition of earphones and instruction manual. The waterproof iPod shuffle 2G can be purchased on the official online store.

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