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iPhone and BMW, the hoax is served?

iPhone and BMW, the hoax served? | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Just a joke, one of the many hoaxes that bounce on the Internet and that site in site acquire authority when instead they are only a mockery. This or, if you want to be benevolent, a simple assumption like many others, the alleged indiscretion about the integration of iPhone on some BMW models.

To launch the rumor, the Autospies site that would also find a photo of the mobile phone placed in the dashboard of the new 7 series. In reality, in a matter of turn, the same Autospies website admitted that the photo was nothing more than a hoax, an "inspired" photo retouch the satellite navigation system of a model of the German brand. The author of the news was quick to point out that he had never said that the photo was true (but one could also consider that in the first instance he had not even said that it was a fake …) but only to have had news that Apple and BMW would have opened a channel for iPhone integration.

In the face of all this and, to be benevolent, even taking the apologies of Autospies for good, the whole structure of the news seems to have decidedly weak foundations and to be the result, more than anything else, of a simple speculation as many can do to in the face of an image product such as iPhone and the fact that in the past Apple and BMW, as in the case of iPod, seem to have had a significant agreement.

Despite this, many sites still as we write continue to resume the news and relaunch it, apparently, without having noticed anything and without making any mention of the "inaccuracy" on the photo.

Distraction or willful misconduct?

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