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iLuv i1055 DVD and iPod on a single portable screen

We had presented it to you in our special service on the January CES now also sold in Italy. Available in black and white a 7-inch portable DVD player with color LCD screen (active matrix) in 16: 9 format, complete with two front stereo speakers.The i1055, similar to a tablet and equipped with a removable rear stand like a photo holder, houses a dock on the back to insert an iPod 5G Video player, regardless of 30, 60 or 80 Gb. DVDs can be viewed on the i1055's screen complete with sound, broadcast via the two speakers located at the two upper corners of the chassis or via headphones supplied.

Thanks to the AV and S-Video outputs located on the upper side of the device, it is possible to connect the iLuv i1055 to a normal TV. Even the music files of the iPod or audio CDs loaded in the device can be listened to on its speakers or with headphones. .

All the controls of the i1055 are located frontally and in the upper area, so you can maneuver it without problems even when fixed 'using the appropriate strap' behind the headrest of the car seats. The activated functions are instead displayed in superimposition (On-screen display).

Like many DVD players, the i1055 allows multi-angle viewing of movies, shows subtitling in the various languages ??available and allows you to choose the language of the sound commentary. Included in the package we find the carrying case, stereo headphones, wireless remote control , AV cable, strap for attachment to the car's headrest, universal mains transformer and cigarette lighter cable, both for direct power supply and recharging of the batteries: both the nickel-methylated ones built into the device and those of the iPod.

The i1055 reads audio CDs, MP3 CDs, DVDs, VCDs and also works without iPods, however not included in the package. It weighs 1.2 kilos, 255 millimeters wide, 155 high and 68 deep.

The retail price of 299.00 Euro including VAT. Distribution in our country by DLM srl.

iluv DVD and ipod