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iCoustic, amplifying an iPod with … a guitar!


The integration with iPod is one of the main features of iCoustic guitars, particular guitars of small size but self-amplified,

Without the need to carry large and bulky speakers with you, the iCoustic guitars are already amplified, they use the instrument's soundboard and a cone for reproduction placed at the hole.

As mentioned, you can connect the Apple player (or, alternatively, other mp3 players) to your guitar, listen to the recorded songs or choose to play on the songs played by the iPod, improvising solos on your favorite songs. For this aspect, iPod can be a comfortable musical partner.

The features of iCoustic products do not stop there: you can connect a real mini-recording studio, which will allow you to record your songs, even using stored rhythmic bases. Or integrate the guitar with an effects pedal, to give more color. to your sounds; finally there is the possibility of connecting another guitar to your iCoustic, to duet with someone always in double amplification.

A series of curious products that maximize the concept of a "hybrid" instrument, which will satisfy the newbies of the instrument or interest artists in search of something different and original and above all compact for "giants" out of the ordinary.

At the moment three guitars and a bass are available on the iCoustic website, starting from the price of 499 Dollars.

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