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How to view the metadata of a photo taken with iPhone

metadata of a photo

Each time a photo is taken, either with an iPhone or a digital camera, a series of data is stored and automatically added to the digital image file. This information is called in technical terms metadata and they are very useful for knowing some data. From the photo metadata you can go back to the place, the date, the technical characteristics with which the shot took place. This information, especially the most particular, is not shown by default on the devices, so we have to go and look for it ourselves. It would be interesting to know the way to view the metadata of a photo taken with iPhone, and what we will see in this guide.

How to view the metadata of a photo taken with iPhone

There are several types of iPhone photo metadata that we can list among the various shooting information. Some of these can be placed in the same image file, other metadata are automatically added to the device. For example, metadata EXIF, GPS is TIFF they are attached to the digital file when a photo is taken with an iPhone.

In this guide I will show you how to view all the metadata of a photo taken with iPhone, including data EXIF is GPS.

To access the complete list of metadata of the images taken with iPhone, we will need an app called Photo investigator, which can be downloaded for free from App Store. This is not the only application that allows you to view the metadata of a photo taken with the iPhone, but it seems to be the best I have found and it also does its job well.

View the metadata of a photo with Photo Investigator

1) Download Photo investigator from App Store. Start the application, click on the photo icon at the bottom left and when asked, give your consent to access your photos by clicking on OK.

View the metadata of a photo

2) All the photos in will be uploaded Photo library of your iPhone. At the bottom of the page, if you click on ?Map"You can see a map with the identification of the places where your photos were taken and by clicking on the numbers, you can see all the photos taken in that place.

photo map

3) Click on a photo album and select the photo whose metadata you want to view. You will notice that photos with a globe icon have GPS metadata, while photos with a clock icon have an EXIF ??timestamp.

gps photo iphone

4) The metadata information is shown in two different levels, one more concise with the essential information and another complete with all the data. After selecting a photo, it automatically switches to a sort of synthetic menu consisting of five icons. By clicking on each icon you can view the information relating to that section. The menu items indicated by five icons are Info, GPS, EXIF ??time, Technical information, Captions.

  • Metadata with general info include the file size, format, file size and file name.
  • GPS metadata shows the location on a map where the photo was taken.
  • The EXIF ??Time metadata shows the date and time of shooting, modification and saving of the image.
  • Metadata with essential technical values ??include the ISO value, vers. software, focal length, camera type, shutter speed, lenses and focal aperture.
  • Caption metadata show if there are captions on the photo, or it makes you add a caption.
view metadata

If this information is too reductive for you and you need more detailed data, the application can also satisfy this need. The complete level of all metadata can be found by clicking on ?Metadata"That you find at the bottom of the screen, next to the"Share".

By clicking on ?Metadata"And then on"View all?, A complete list of metadata in the photo will appear.

iphone metadata

Now it's up to you to understand what you want to do with i photo metadata. For example, they can be used to find out the geolocation of a photo sent by email and where it was taken. Or maybe you want to know which camera was used to take that photo. There are so many technical details about a photo, that you probably don't even know what to do with it, but always useful to know where to find them. At least now you know how to access a photo's metadata.

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