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How to use Sticker Telegram on Android WhatsApp

sticker on Android

The developers of WhatsApp, the popular messaging app, have introduced the ability to send stickers. It can be a very nice feature, to be used especially when sending messages to your friends. At the expense of what can be done with the Telegram app, users cannot create their own personalized stickers but must use those that WhatsApp makes available. But what are the stickers? They can be defined as real art forms. They are not simple emoticons, But labels with faces of well-known comic or real-life characters.

How to import Telegram stickers on WhatsApp

Currently the choice is not very wide, as there is the possibility to choose only from seven different sticker packages. Android users of WhatsApp have the privilege, with an unconventional procedure, to upload their own set of stickers and use it with friends.

In this guide I will show you how to import all yours Telegram sticker on WhatsApp. The logical steps are simple: download the stickers from Telegram on your phone, convert them and then import them into WhatsApp. All these steps can be performed from the Android smartphone. Ready? Let's begin.

Download the stickers from Telegram

To download the stickers from Telegram it is necessary to carry out three operations. First of all you have to get the link of the stickers. Then you have to go to the download and extraction of content from a zip file. Don't worry, I'll explain all the steps in detail.

Get link of the sticker package

Teelgram allows you to obtain the link of a single sticker or of the entire package. To get the link of the entire package, proceed as follows:

  • Start Telegram on your Android smartphone and access the menu by clicking on the icon at the top left. From the sidebar select Settings.
stickers on telegram
  • Scroll down the list and select Stickers and masks.
stickers and masks
  • On the page that will open you can see all the stickers you have added to your Telegram account. Next to each of them there are dots. Click on those corresponding to the sticker package you want to import into WhatsApp and then select Copy Link.
copy link

Download the sticker pack with Sticker Downloader Bot

The next step is to download the sticker package. This operation can be done with a bot present in Telegram.

  • Go back to the main Telegram page, select the magnifying glass icon and search Sticker Downloader.
stickers downloader
  • Click on the corresponding search result and click on STARTS to start the chat.
  • You will be shown different options. You click on Settings.
Sticker Downloader Bot
  • The bot will ask you to choose the download output format. Select web only.
web stickers
  • Now paste in the chat in the link of the sticker package you copied previously and send the message. You will be informed that you will soon receive the link to download your stickers.
stickers download
  • After receiving the file, click on the zip file to download it. The file will be downloaded to the folders Telegram -> Telegram Documents.

Extract the zip file

At this point you have to extract the zip file you just downloaded. To do this you need to use a file manager. Generally you will find a File Manager app already pre-installed on your smartphone. If this is not the case or you are not sure, you can download the free app File manager from Google Play Store.

  • Open your File Manager and go to the folderTelegram->Telegram Documents.
  • In this folder you can find a file consisting only of numbers and in zip format. If you are usingFile Manager, in order to extract the file, press and hold on it, then select the buttonOtherbottom right and finallyExtract to...
telegram documents

A folder of the same name as the zip file will be created. Open it and move the folder, of the same name as your sticker package, to the main folder of your smartphone or to the folder Images. This step is necessary otherwise WhatsApp will not be able to see your sticker pack.

Import stickers into WhatsApp

now it's time to import the stickers just uploaded in WhatsApp.

  • Install the application from the Google Play Store Personal Sticker for WhatsApp.
  • Launch the newly installed app. You should see your sticker pack in the list of those made available.
personal stickers
  • Click on the button ADD and confirm the operation from the popup that will appear.

Done. Now you just have to start WhatsApp and start using your new sticker package.

Some considerations

The stickers that are added following this procedure can also be sent to friends who own an iPhone. Those who receive the stickers can add them to their favorites.

stickers whatsapp

Unlike the stickers integrated in WhatsApp, the personalized ones do not allow you to add the whole package, but only the single sticker that has been sent.

favorite stickers

For this reason, if you want to share the entire package that has been created, you must send each sticker individually. The person who will receive the stickers will have to worry about manually adding each item one by one. I know, not very convenient as an operation but until WhatsApp does not make the creation of sticker packages a standard, this is the only way to proceed.