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How to unblock blocked websites

There are numerous reasons why different websites are blocked on the web. Sometimes your ISP blocks several sets of websites for ambiguous reasons, sometimes websites are blocked due to location restrictions, and sometimes the office or office universit internally blocks websites to keep you away from distractions. No matter what the real reasons behind blocked websites are, it eventually becomes quite annoying for the user. Especially when you really want to use the website and find out that it's stuck for no obvious reason.

So how to get around website blocks imposed by your government or ISP? How do you use your favorite website when blocked in your country? simple enough. There are numerous ways to unblock any blocked website on your computer or smartphone. In this article, we will cover all the different procedures that will allow you to access any website blocked from anywhere in the world.

Several websites are blocked or restricted in certain countries and areas around the world. YouTube banned in Pakistan, Twitter / Facebook and a large number of popular sites are banned in China, popular streaming sites such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, Spotify, etc. are only available in some countries, so if you want to access any the websites mentioned above in unsupported countries, so VPN software is needed to help you access these sites even if they are blocked in your area. Here are some different ways to access blocked websites from anywhere in the world.

For desktop or laptop (Windows PC / Mac)

If you are browsing the Internet on your Windows PC / Mac and want to access blocked content on the world wide web, we have a few different methods for you.

Unblock websites in the browser

This method works flawlessly if you use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as your daily browser.

For Google Chrome: if Google Chrome is your favorite browser, you can download a proxy extension for your browser that will allow you to easily access any website blocked on your PC.

  1. Just download Browsec or ZenMate on your Google Chrome browser.
  2. Once the installation is complete, you can click on the extension icon in the top right corner of Chrome and activate it.
  3. Once activated, you can easily browse any website on the web even if they are blocked.

For Mozilla Firefox: Mozilla Firefox also allows you to download several proxy add-ons to unlock any blocked websites. Fortunately, ZenMate and Browsec add-ons are also available for the Mozilla Firefox browser.

Download Browsec or ZenMate on your Firefox browser.

  1. Click the add-on icon in the top right corner of Firefox to activate it.
  2. Once the add-on is activated, you can start browsing all blocked websites without any problems.

Unblock websites with a VPN

If using extensions and add-ons in the browser is not your cup of tea, you don't have to worry because we covered you. you can also install the VPN software on your Windows PC to unblock all the websites on the web. There are thousands of VPN software available, but we offer you the three best VPN services that also offer free services in addition to the paid one.

  • Cyberghost VPN: one of the best VPN software available on the market right now. You can use this service for free on your PC or you can pay a small fee for the premium version that offers even more positions and faster speeds than the free version. The 1-year subscription costs $ 34.99. Cyberghost works on multiple platforms.
  • Hotspot Shield: another popular free VPN software for your PC. Also available on multiple platforms and also offers great speeds in the free version. The disadvantage of using the free version that you will receive ads during the browsing session. The Elite version will cost you $ 29.95 per year.
  • Spotflux VPN: one of the most advanced VPNs available for your PC. The free version of Spotflux allows you to access all websites blocked on the web, however, the premium version that costs $ 37.99 per year offers ad blocking features, high performance locations, data compression and many more. functionality.

These are all the methods that allow you to unblock any blocked website on your desktop or laptop computer. However, if you are looking for a way to unblock websites on your Android smartphone or tablet, read on because we have some tips for all Android users.

Unblock websites on Android smartphones or tablets

even easier to unblock blocked websites and content on an Android device. If you want to unlock any website on your Android smartphone or tablet, all you need to do is download an app from the Google Play Store. Listed below are the top 3 apps that we consider the best among all the other VPN apps available on the Google Play Store.

  • Cyberghost: S, Cyberghost also available as an app for the Android platform. If you have already purchased a premium subscription for Cyberghost, you will be happy to know that membership also works on the Android app. The free version of the app also offers a large collection of locations and servers to choose from.
  • Bear VPN Tunnel: Bear VPN Tunnel offers the fastest free servers ever on a VPN app for Android. However, the data limit for the 1 GB free version. So if you want to use it extensively, you may have to shell out a few dollars for paid membership.
  • Hideninja VPN: if you are looking for unlimited data, security and higher speeds, you need to download Hideninja VPN on your Android device because it offers all this and also some extra features to make your browsing safer. It also prevents online trackers distributed by different advertisers from knowing more about you.

Unblock websites on iOS devices (iPhone and iPad)

Don't worry about our dear Apple fans, we haven't forgotten you. We have compiled the three best VPN apps for iOS devices. If you have an iPhone or iPad or maybe both of these devices, you can download one of these apps to unlock websites on your iOS device.

  • Hotspot Shield: The Hotspot Shield is back again. One of the best and free VPN apps available for the iOS platform. You can also purchase the premium version to unlock the extra features of Hotspot Shield but the free version offers almost everything you need from a VPN.
  • VpnOneClick: if you are looking for specific IP addresses from your favorite countries, this VPN app will be really useful. However, the free version will only last for a few days and therefore you will have to pay the paid version which costs $ 1.99 per month.
  • Spotflux: Spotflux also available on the iOS platform and if you have already purchased the premium version of the service, the premium subscription will also be transferred to the iOS device of your choice. The free version offers stable and faster speeds while maintaining protection from online trackers.

These are all the ways you can unlock any blocked website on your desktop, laptop, iPhone, iPad or Android device. If you experience any problems while following one of the methods mentioned above, please let us know by commenting below.