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How to remotely wipe a lost or stolen iPhone or iPad

find my iphone

In this guide we will show how remotely wipe an iPhone or iPad that you have lost or been stolen. This will ensure that all sensitive data remains secure, without the risk of being violated by a stranger. To do this we will use the Apple function present in Find my iPhone, which can be used through the dedicated iOS app or alternatively from the web. You will need to access the website and log in with the Apple ID credentials also used on the lost device.

How to remotely wipe an iPhone or iPad

For the purposes of this guide, we will use the application Find my iPhone, which you can download directly from the AppStore, but the procedure is similar even if you use the procedure via web interface from PC / Mac.

CAUTION: By deleting all the data on the iPhone or iPad, they can no longer be recovered in any way and you will not be able to trace the device through the relative function always present in Find my iPhone.

Prerequisites: To remotely wipe an iPhone, it is assumed that it has been activated Find my iPhone on the device you are trying to delete. Obviously, if Find my iPhone not enabled on the device, it will not be possible to find it and delete its data.

How to remotely wipe an iPhone

  • Start the application Find my iPhone from an iOS device, such as an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. It is important to note that the device used to perform the procedure may not even be yours. To track down the lost iPhone, you can use a relative's iPhone without problems. Important and log in to the app with your Apple ID.
  • After logging in, you will see the list of all iOS devices that are connected to your Apple ID. Select the device from which you want to delete all data. Selecting the item Actions placed at the bottom of the screen, you can choose whether to make the device emit a sound, set it in lost mode or initialize it.
find ios devices
  • To delete all the data, select the entry Initialize iPhone or Initialize iPad, depending on the device you want to initialize.
initialize iphone
  • Now you will be asked to confirm the deletion of the data by clicking on the button Initialize iPhone / iPad.
initialize ipad
  • At this point enter your Apple ID password and click on Come on.
  • In the second screen you will be asked to enter a phone number that will appear in the Lock screen of the device after it has been initialized. The number can be used by those people who find liPhone or liPad and want to call the owner to return it. After entering the phone number, select Come on.
  • As a last step you can write a message that will be shown on the display along with the phone number. Select the button Done when you are done.

You should now see a message confirming that your iOS device has been initialized by deleting all sensitive data. It should be noted that if the device is not connected to the network it will not be initialized. It will only be initialized when it is reconnected to the internet again.