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How to install Google Play Store on smartphones without

install Google Play Store

Did you buy a Chinese smartphone without Google Play Store? In this case you will not be able to download and update the apps as you usually do, making your new purchase "almost" useless. But don't worry: in this guide I will show you how to install Google Play Store on all smartphones that do not have it, so you can have all the apps you want without problems! There are two methods you can use: I recommend you try the first method immediately and, if you do not solve, try the second (especially if you have a Chinese smartphone).

How to install Google Play Store

Note: to perform the steps of this guide, root permissions are required, necessary to convert the manually installed apps into system apps with Link2SD. If, on the other hand, you do not have root permissions on the device, then I recommend reading the guide on how to install Google Play Store on Chinese smartphones going to this link:

Install Google Play Store: method 1

The first method to install the Google Play Store on your Android device is to use the app Link2SD, indispensable for converting normal apps into system apps. You can download Link2SD for free from the following link.


Download now the basic apps (in APK format) to install the Google Play Store, they are all available in the list below:

install google play store

Install all APKs on the device without the Google Play Store; after the installation of all the elements, open Link2SD to convert it into a system app. Search for all the apps you installed a little while ago and select them with a tap to open the details. Within each app, open the menu (the three dots at the top right).

install google play store on chinese smartphone

Now select the item Convert to system apps.

At the end of the operation, restart the Android device. Now you have the Google Play Store installed on your device that did not have it! You can start downloading all the apps you need.

Install Play Store: method 2

The method I illustrated earlier could lead to a linguistic problem: the Google Play Store often does not install in Italian, especially on Chinese devices. In this case you can install Google Play Store with an alternative procedure, which will let you install Google Play Store on Android in Italian even on devices without official support for Dante's language.

To install the Google Play Store in Italian you will need to get the APK file GoogleAppDownloader, available at the following link.

DOWNLOAD | GoogleAppDownloader

Get the "translator" app now LocaleMorePro from the following link.

DOWNLOAD | LocaleMorePro

To install the Play Store you must first install GoogleAppDownloader; a new Google Installer app will appear on your device. Open this app and respond positively to all the warnings that will appear on the screen. With this procedure you will have installed Google Play Services, Google Play Store, Google Account Manager and Google Service Framework in one go!

Restart your device and reopen Google Installer, select Google Play again (if selectable) and confirm where necessary to install the missing components (Google Contacts Sync and Google Calendar Sync). At the end of this procedure, open the app LocaleMorePro and select the flag of Italy to translate all the components of the Google Play Store into Italian.

If you have updated your device to Android 8.0 Oreo, from this guide you can see how to install Gapps (Google Apps) on your smartphone.