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How to fix Windows errors and speed up your PC

Has your PC with Windows installed suddenly become slow on startup and when you open the programs? It can be very difficult to find the cause of these problems, given the complexity of each machine and the singularity that each PC reaches in the hands of different users (also based on the installed programs and browsing habits). This is why numerous were born programs to fix Windows errors, so you can solve PC problems without having to waste too much time behind tests and experiments.

Programs to correct Windows errors

In this guide I collected all the useful and free software to quickly solve Windows problems and errors, so as to make your machine snappy and fast again, let's start with the first program:


CCleaner interface

The simplest program you can use to run Windows errors CCleaner, a real "cleaner" of problems that can help you get your PC back fast.

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By installing it on the slow computer you can remove temporary files by recovering space, correct registry errors (empty or residual links), remove programs in auto-startup that slow down the system, fix the context menu items and view system services active, in addition to reclaiming your disk space. It cannot be missing in your toolbox to solve PC problems.

You can download this program for free from the following link.


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Driver Booster

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If your PC goes slow or some device suddenly stopped working, maybe the problem is with the system drivers. That's why among the programs running Windows errors can not miss Driver Booster, one of the best software to update old system drivers or to find drivers for any peripherals without drivers present. Just install and start it to scan the PC, we will take care of finding the right driver, downloading it and finally installing it. You can see all the features in this program, in the review we made of Driver Booster download it for free from the following link:

DOWNLOAD | Driver Booster

IObit Advanced SystemCare

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Another good program to run Windows errors Advanced SystemCare, a software designed to control CPU, RAM and system folders in real time to optimize the operating system and program startup. The options configurable with this software are really numerous, with the possibility of activating the Turbo Boost mode which speeds up every component of the operating system.

You can download this program for free from the following link. The Free version has a limited number of configurable options, which can be obtained by purchasing the Pro version.

DOWNLOAD |IObit Advanced SystemCare

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Glary Utilities

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Last I point you out Glary Utilities, a program designed to solve PC problems and to fix the most common Windows errors. With this program you can correct the slow start of Windows, update the older programs, delete temporary files and unnecessary registry entries and periodically perform a system maintenance to find possible PC problems. Numerous advanced tools for disk management, RAM memory and to control the functionality of Windows capable of generating errors or problems. This program is quite simple to use thanks also to 1-click maintenance, which performs all the most important optimizations using a single mouse click.

You can download this program for free from the following link. The Free version has a limited number of configurable options, which can be obtained by purchasing the Pro version.

DOWNLOAD |Glary Utilities

Other useful programs to speed up your PC

In addition to the programs that I have just recommended you run through Windows errors, you can take a look at our guide below to speed up your PC, designed specifically for Windows 10, but also applicable to previous versions of Windows:

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Or you can use these free software, each one specific for a function, which will help to lighten your PC and therefore make it more performing, freeing your CPU, your Hard Disk and your Ram from an excessive workload, which are the three components that mainly go under stress when the computer is not optimized:

To close further help can come from the best Windows programs, where you will find alternatives to the programs you already use, which perhaps have the same functions but require fewer resources:

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