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How to activate hotspots on Android

activate hotspot on Android

Did you take your PC on the road in hopes of finding a WiFi network in the hotel or in a place to work with, but couldn't find any usable hotspot? Don't worry, the solution to stop this emergency at your fingertips! In this guide I will show you how to activate hotspots on Android, so as to create a personal Internet access point by exploiting the data offered by your mobile operator.

Activate hotspots on Android

Caution: not all operators include hotspot traffic in the exploitable Giga of the offer! Check your operator's page to see if you can use smartphone data to create a hotspot.

Activate hotspot on Samsung or hotspot on Huawei very simple and you won't even have to use the cable; we will create a small personal WiFi network from your smartphone (which will then become a sort of portable router) to which you can connect your PC or any other device that needs an Internet connection.

On Android you can activate the WiFi hotspot simply by going to the menu Hotspot, usually found in WiFi, Networks and WiFi, Tethering & portable hotspot or as a separate menu (a lot depends on the smartphone model you have).

Here's what the Hotspot menu looks like on Xiaomi.

activate hotspot on Android

Once you open this menu (whatever form it has), simply activate the WiFi Hotspot or similar item to create the wireless network that you will use from your PC.

activate hotspot on Android

Now you will see a new WiFi network near your smartphone; you can access it using the device name and the password assigned for the connection.

If you want to change the name of the hotspot or change the password to access your WiFi, just go to the menu Hotspot configuration, from which you can customize every aspect of the network created with the Android smartphone.

Activate Hotspot via external app

Are you not very familiar with technology and do not want to risk activating the procedure to activate the hotspot on your smartphone? In this case, you can get help from a free app like the one at the following link, which will help you in setting up.

DOWNLOAD | Android hotspot app

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