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Google prohibits ad blockers for Android, but not on browsers

Despite the latest details from the Mountain View company, the products that block advertising on browsers currently remain on the Play Store

(Photo: Google)(Photo: Google)

With the latest update of the terms of the Google Play service aimed at developers, the Mountain View house has returned to discuss its position towards the ad blocker problem, the software that screens smartphones from advertisers' advertisements. In the new Policy Center for developers put online by the company, in fact, there is talk of a particular category of software of which Google intends to prevent the presence in its Play Store.

These are appche, citing the regulation, "Disrupt, damage, interfere with the operation of (…) other devices or computers, servers, networks, APIs or services, including without limitation Google services, other apps on the device or the network of an authorized operator. "

In fact, this clause has not changed the attitude of Google that has always been adopted towards this category of app, but despite the language adopted, it seems that plug-ins for browsers and products with integrated block will not be part of this group and instead they will continue to thrive: a testimony to the fact that Adblock Fast, Brave Browser and company are still present on the Play Store.

If so, the move would actually be understandable, at least from Google's point of view. On the one hand indeed the company literally lives on advertising, and cannot allow solutions proliferating ads completely from the face of Android to proliferate right in your shop. On the other hand, and outside of games and apps, the different browser speech: Apple's opponents already officially support this type of lock on iPhone and iPad, and preventing the same from happening on Google's alternatives would lend side to criticism and protests.


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