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GoodBarber, the WordPress of mobile apps

Over 12 thousand applications created with the Italian-French platform to create apps without being developers


Barcelona The pavilions of the Mobile World Congress are crowded, and the one dedicated to apps is a labyrinth of ideas. Walking in the middle, trying to understand what can be really interesting, not a simple matter. Something happens on the street. Then comes the notification of a tweet – which is appropriate, considering that it is a fair dedicated to mobile technology: ?Hi! Why don't you drop in "France" too? " signed Italian GoodBarber. And why not, then.

GoodBarber what the staff itself defines as "the WordPress of mobile apps": meets the needs of those who do not have development skills and at the same time want to launch themselves in the creation of a mobile application dedicated to their project.


The user can choose the type of graphics he prefers based on the archive available, exactly, just as you would with the blog template, then select the type of channels he wants to connect, then the type of content to be made available of his audience (there is a integrated cms), and try it out. If the result pleases, go towards the request for approval to the Apple and Android stores.


The platform offers a feature of back office to constantly check how things are going, obviously also offering a part of codes reserved for developers. For statistics, the user can connect to Google Analytics or Flurry, and for assistance he can always contact the dedicated team from Monday to Friday, from 9 to 18 (from the Assistance menu of the back office).

"The staff counts about forty people between development and marketing – tells Arianna Testi – 3 years ago we launched the site in Italian and now it exists in German, Spanish, English, Turkish, French and Portuguese". Financing was also French, and the startup is based in Corsica. "To date, 12 thousand apps have been created with Good Barber, for a total of 50 million downloads"Adds Ariadne.

For GoodBarber users the first thirty day trial is free. To then send the app to the stores, you need to subscribe for a subscription ranging from 16 to 60 euros per month (48 with annual billing). The staff, who provides a guide for the transition to digital stores, still offers assistance in case of problems.

There are competitors –, Canvas, The App Builder, just to name a few – and a road taken some time ago also in the desktop world (see Flazio for websites).


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